Creative Bioarray Releases Cell Ferroptosis Assay to Support the Development of Targeted Drugs

Creative Bioarray announced the release of its cell ferroptosis assay to support the development of target drugs.

New York, USA – December 8, 2022 – Cell assay platform, the division of Creative Bioarray, is committed to providing a full range of research consulting, design, implementation, management, reporting and analysis services. With an experienced research team, Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive cell growth and cell death research solutions, including basic research solutions, solutions for drug discovery, and solutions for cell health evaluation. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the release of its cell ferroptosis assay to support the development of target drugs.

Relying on a professional detection platform and an experienced scientific research team, Creative Bioarray can provide researchers with a variety of ferroptosis detection methods and customized ferroptosis detection services.

Further research on the mechanism of ferroptosis and its role in different types of diseases is of great significance for the search for therapeutic targets and the development of targeted drugs for related diseases. Creative Bioarray provides intracellular iron level detection service to make ferroptosis research more accurate and convenient. PGSK, as a cell membrane permeable dye, can be used to monitor intracellular iron levels in living cells by flow cytometry or confocal microscopy, Creative Bioarray provides a simple and convenient method to measure ferrous and/or Iron ions.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are by-products of biological aerobic metabolism, including oxygen ions, peroxides, and oxygen-containing free radicals. More and more studies have proved that ROS is a messenger molecule in various signaling pathways, and the accumulation of ROS is an important symbol of cell ferroptosis. Therefore, monitoring ROS levels will be helpful for the research of ferroptosis-related diseases. Creative Bioarray uses DCFH-DA (up-regulated expression) or C11 BODIPY 581/591 fluorescent probe (in ferroptotic cells, the probe will change from red to green) to detect intracellular reactive oxygen species and lipid reactive oxygen species by flow cytometry.

Ferroptosis is distinct from other types of cell death such as apoptosis, necroptosis, and autophagic cell death at the morphological, biochemical, and genetic levels. Understanding the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways of ferroptosis may provide new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to regulate cell survival and death in human diseases. Creative Bioarray provides services to detect the expression of ferroptosis-related genes and proteins to help study the molecular mechanism of ferroptosis.

“Besides, we also provide ferroptosis-related mitochondrial detection services to make your ferroptosis research more accurate and convenient.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “our team is equipped with advanced instruments and talented and well-trained experts to design customized solutions for your research.”

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