Flowtrics has Emerged as a Leader in Document Workflow Management to Drive Business Processes

Flowtrics has Emerged as a Leader in Document Workflow Management to Drive Business Processes
Among its solutions is Flowtrics’ WYSIWYG Form Toolbox and Task Automation which streamlines processes and data

SAN FRANCISCO – December 8, 2022 – Privately held Flowtrics has emerged as a leader in document workflow automation, allowing companies to streamline processes, automate workflows, increase productivity, and accelerate business. Flowtrics helps companies realize that everything they do on a day-to-day basis involves data, documents, and workflows in one way or another, which opens companies to visualize how many workflows can be automated.

“In today’s complex business landscape, it’s essential for organizations to drive their business processes through workflow automation,” said Flowtrics CEO Matt McAlpin. “There are significant hidden costs in poor processes, and Flowtrics aims to increase revenues and improve everyone’s role involved in the process. With the ease of task automation, triggering document workflows and being looped in on the status comes with a click of a button. We want to change what companies expect when adopting a product, and that is transparency, automation, and a better synergetic experience for all parties involved.”

“Flowtrics is an extremely easy-to-use no-code workflow automation platform,” McAlpin said. Flowtrics WYSIWYG PDF and HTML form toolbox automates and allows all users to customize and constantly improve processes at any department or organization level. Flowtrics’ software takes expensive, complex, and time-consuming processes and replaces them with tasks, documents, and forms that can be created in minutes. Workflows can be assigned so each party can quickly fill and sign any document and route it to the correct location automatically when finished.

Flowtrics’ leading Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, platform enables an enterprise or organization to organize, access, store, search, retrieve, secure, and share files without compromise. This allows crucial parties to have the information to make critical decisions.

Another advantage to using Flowtrics is its core matter management software. Flowtrics combines, manages, and tracks all core business and workflow needed to track, collaborate and store all matters in one platform. Flowtrics’ Custom Field Management ensures that the data gathered is relevant to a company and its processes.

With Flowtrics, businesses can augment communication and reduce the wasted time of endless calls, emails, and consistent back-and-forth communication. Using Flowtrics, businesses are enabled with better tools for real-time team collaboration inside and outside the organization.

Flowtrics’ APIs coordinate with many existing platforms to push essential data and information. It allows companies to grow and automate other key platforms to create an ecosystem working together. Systems like payroll, accounting, legal services, EMRs, and any core system for a company can all be automated and linked together to communicate effectively.

“Flowtrics is built on the experience of transaction management and contract management and offers a fresh and innovative approach to automate the business core workflow, tasks, communication, contracts, forms, and productivity,” McAlpin said. “Flowtrics believes that better workflows and analytics allow for data automation, time savings, and a more efficient user experience that can substantially impact the quality and efficiency of any system,” he added. Using Flowtrics, businesses can maximize insights and increase productivity by 30 percent.

For more information and to request a demo, visit flowtrics.com.

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