Lavinso Foot Peel Mask Makes Dry Cracked Feet Smooth and Baby Soft

Foot Masks And Their Incredible Restorative Properties

Imagine the following situation: winter is over, but after wearing boots for the whole season toes are more likely to be dry & rough. It should be easy to imagine because cases like this one are probably familiar to everybody.

As soon as warm weather shows up everyone wants to feel ready for sandals – and here’s when comes the perfect time for Lavinso Foot Peel Mask which is always available on

Change of seasons is not the only one reason why these masks can be useful. Just try to come up with an answer to the question – why do calluses appear on the soles of feet and the palms of hands but not anywhere else on the body?

The answer is pretty simple: skin on these areas is thicker than elsewhere because hands and feet are constantly in use.

The pressure of standing and the friction of wearing shoes and socks can lead to calluses and a thickening of the skin which makes it difficult for simple creams and lotions to penetrate and actually nourish that area

Because of all these factors, feet skin sheds less frequently than on the rest of the body. Here come Peeling Masks that help with calluses, dry skin, rough and thickened skin, like on heels.

It’s easy to use and has proven itself to be effective. Plus, it makes feet feel smoother, softens and tenderises skin on feet by removing tough, dead, and callused skin quite easy and fast.

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