Hanno Stockholm For The Best Wedding And Engagement Rings

Hanno Stockholm is a brand name among jewelers. Sako Hanno traveled across the world at a young age and made jewelry for lots of brands and artists. Hanno built a great reputation for making the most beautiful jewelry for royal family members and celebrities. Everyone from diverse cultural backgrounds adored the jewelry pieces he made. 

All the wedding & engagement rings displayed on their online showroom are crafted and designed in Stockholm. The in-house craftsmen work with 18k yellow, platinum, white, and rose gold. 

Diamonds used are SI, VS, F/G, and VVS rated got from trusted and reliable sources. It ensures that clients receive jewelry desired from the best material available on the planet. 

To set diamonds in wedding rings and necklaces, the ancient technique is blended with the latest modern technology. The result is an exceptional quality jewelry piece is crafted. Old and modern equipment allows craftsmen to create unique and intricate customized designs. 

It is the fusion of ancient times and future, which offers Hanno Stockholm’s wedding & engagement rings a timeless elegance. 

For example, Faden is based on ancient Egyptian techniques. Mirrors are used on diamonds each side to offer the diamond extra sparkle and light. Faden setting has gained popularity for its breathtaking, magnified sparkle. 

Hanno Stockholm offers natural diamonds dating billions of years back as well as lab-grown diamonds, which is a balance of innovation, quality, and elegance. 

The mission of Hanno is to offer outstanding services to its clients. They want clients to uncover a jewelry piece that complements their personality. 

It doesn’t matter if clients come looking for tailored jewelry or readymade designs displayed. The team is always keen to help buyers across every step. 

Hanno personally meets his clients, gets to know them thoroughly, and tries hard to fulfill their unique needs. He encourages potential buyers to share their desires, dreams, and personality. It can be reflected through customized wedding rings

The client’s imagination is considered along with computer-aided designs, which will help to visualize the dream ring. If the client is happy with the design then the actual work starts. Client’s needs are prioritized in every manufacturing stage. The process is flexible, so clients can ask for changes at any time. It ensures that clients receive jewelry that finally suits their or their spouse’s needs. 

Clients highly recommend Hanno because they enjoyed a friendly customer experience. It was fast and pricing was reasonable. 

Hanno Stockholm is an online jewelry store, so it is natural to be concerned about security. Fortunately, the online store is 100% secure and adheres to the strictest and latest security protocols. 

The wedding bands or rings can take 2 to 3 days in handcraft from the date of order. For other rings, it can take a week or in case the design is complex it takes 3 weeks. 

If the ring is not suitable then there is a 30 days return policy. If the ring doesn’t fit then the Hanno store covers return shipping costs and adjusts the size for free. If the ring gets lost during transit then the jewelry store is responsible. As the Hanno Stockholm store operates online clients can get jewelry 30 to 40% cheaper. So, give their online store a visit!

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