Commercial Roofer Brings A New Model of Commercial Roofing

The roofing industry is evolving. Traditionally, roofers would repair or replace a roof and typically not have any more transactions with that client. 

Cody Kline, CEO of has revealed there is a new model of the Commercial Roofing business, which is to serve clients on a subscription-based model. Cody states, “The roofing industry has not caught on. They still use these “old-era” methods to market and sell to a generation with different buying habits than we’ve ever seen in human history. It’s in these scenarios that our Commercial Roofer Sales Academy strategies will set roofers apart.”

This new model is beneficial for both the client and the roofer. For the client, it means that they can get long-term service from a reliable roofer rather than having to search for a new one every time their roof needs to be repaired or replaced. For the roofer, it means more business and more repeat customers.

Cody personally built a successful roofing company over the past 7 years before selling it to a nationwide merger of companies. Now, he’s created a revolutionary new platform that is providing a training resource for roofing sales teams across the country and changing the way commercial roofing is done. is making a big impact within the industry, bringing roofing companies into alignment with companies that have been utilizing subscription-based sales models for years, such as Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, Spotify, and Microsoft.

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