Young Minister Changing the World Through Love

Prophet Sam Vardhan from India, is the author of the new book “The God of All Power: Encountering God and Raising the Dead”

The young minister is celebrating the release of his new book The God of All Power: Encountering God and Raising the Dead. Sam can often be found ministering on the streets of him home country and traveling around the world sharing the gospel. Samuel’s story is one of overcoming hardship and ultimately finding his purpose in serving others.

Sam has been sited with having raised dead people and many other miraculous miracles. Rumor has it that Sam has more books coming with more amazing stories. 

The God of All Power: Encountering God and Raising the Dead is available in Kindle format on Amazon and other platforms in hardcopy. The trailer for the inspirational piece can also be found on YouTube.

About Samuel Vardhan

Samuel Vardhan is a young preacher and author who aims to spread the teachings of the scripture across the globe. Sam learned from a young age about a battle beginning to be raised in the spirit world and realized there was a war, not one of flesh and blood but being played out in an unseen world that he was given the gift to see. Over the years, he has remained obedient and steadfast in God’s work and he continues to use all platforms to tell his story thus far of the hurts and triumphs into the miraculous.

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