Spytector releases a new, more compatible version of its monitoring software keylogger.

Spytector – a keylogger software developer, launches computer monitoring products that track, follow, and keep a record of all computations activities without even being noticed.

The award-winning undetectable and invisible keylogger, Spytector, launches features that are more advanced and easier to use in all kinds of applications. Spytector keylogger tracks and chases all the activities and actions of the PC. It keeps a record of visited websites, opened windows and worked applications. The most advanced feature of the keylogger from Spytector is that it not only keeps the record of the visited websites, opened windows, and worked applications but also sends the logs to you via email or/and FTP. It also delivers in the logs the locally stored passwords for the newest versions of Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, etc., and URL history (visited websites) through an Email or/an FTP. 


The new version of the keylogger (a.k.a. spy software, parental control software) is entirely undetectable and works invisibly under the desktop. Its latest version is designed in such a fashion that it successfully bypasses all the Windows Defenders (pre-installed on all the latest systems). Its function is based on such a technique that it cannot be seen in the task manager. Most importantly, its advanced features and stealth techniques allow it to be used with most firewalls and antiviruses installed on the computer.  

One of the fascinating features of Spytector is the launch of its new “module”. This module monitors the running of applications and visited websites. This technology empowers the user to block or stop some specific websites and the running of an application. This module allows the users to create filters for specific websites and also in the running of particular applications. This “module” not only protects the computers but also empowers the users to save them from anonymous actions. Users can create a module on one system. After that, the same module can be used on other systems by just copy-pasting on other systems. 

The keylogger is easy to work and easy to use on systems and browsers of all types. Spytector also works with the protection system implemented in the new Windows systems. At present, Spytector is one of the most widely used, reliable and awarded keyloggers worldwide. Its main objective is to develop efficient, high-quality applications. Their staff is highly qualified and provides excellent customer support for both customers and potential customers. 



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