The beginning until today, Bible-Build and having a lot of fans who love him

Bible Wichapas Sumettikul

In fact, Bible is an introvert who doesn’t like approaching other people first. But if you have known or been close to him, Bible is open-minded and friendly. In addition, Bible is a good-natured, cheeky young man who is also very playful. He enjoys going to the gym, keeping in shape, playing football and boxing.


Build Jakapan Phuttha

Build Jakapan, a good-natured man with a unique smile. His eyes are curved like a crescent moon. With being a good-natured and friendly person, he has won the hearts of fans. He likes to communicate and send love power to fans constantly on social media. He is very attentive to everyone.


1. How do you know BibleBuild?

– Most of the fans know them from KinnPorsche The Series, Bible plays Vegas (It’s the first role of Bible), Build plays the role of Pete. But there are some fans who know Build from his previous work.

2. Things that remind you of BibleBuild.

– At first sight, it would be their good looking, handsome and cute. But when the fans saw their talent, many fans wanted to follow the work. Their cuteness personality makes all fans happy to see them did their things.

3. Talk about the partnership of them in the fan’s opinion.

– Many fans probably know that since they had to work together, they both tried to adjust themselves becoming each other’s best partners. They are giving advices to each other in many matters and being the comfort zone for each other.


And recently They traveled to many WorldTour countries, including Singapore, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan, showing their talents in singing, dancing, and performing as Vegas-Pete roles on stage to fans of each country which received a good response. Tickets are sold out in all countries, and in Taipei, the show had to be added for an additional day at the request of the fans. In addition, they have received a warm welcome from fans of each country also the fans have made various projects to welcome bible and build as well.

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