Dawna Campbell, The Mind Whisperer, Featured on December Best Holistic Life Cover

Best Holistic Life Magazine announced its December cover features the Mind Whisperer Dawna Campbell, who shares the three steps to instant money creation.

Dawna Campbell, the Mind Whisperer, teaches three steps to instant money creation using the foundation of happiness, prosperity, and love. She believes removing obstacles from one’s subconscious allows for instant results and wealth creation. 

“The key points are understanding the emotional side of money, identifying the self-sabotaging money afterthoughts, discovering the three keys to opening prosperity doors, and how it all relates to you,” Campbell said. “And what to do to increase your abundance and prosperity.”

In the December Best Holistic Life article, Campbell speaks about traditional gender roles and how the modern era is changing expectations for men and women. She also defines male/masculine and female/feminine as the dominant hemisphere of that person’s brain rather than their gender. 

“Those words are used to make the distinction between the functioning role in partnerships,” Campbell said. “In balanced partnerships, regardless of gender, one partner tends to have a predominate masculine brain — ‘left-brained,’ — while the other partner has a predominate feminine brain — ‘right-brained.’”

She who makes the gold rules the bedroom

Campbell says that in a healthy relationship, both partners can freely flow from the masculine to feminine energy, regardless of which hemisphere is dominant. This leaves relationships flexible, with direction and nurturing of both partners’ physical and emotional needs. 

Men and women view money and intimacy very differently, the Mind Whisperer said. Some views come from cultural norms, genetics, and social conditioning. Men tend to focus on money in terms of professional and financial success, while women view money as safety and security. Campbell said there is a correlation between the intimate and financial energy flow in a relationship — and the partner bringing in the money is the one in control of the bedroom.

Releasing blocked energy

Through the Infinite Prosperity System, Campbell teaches others to release the blocked energy flow in their subconscious to make abundance and prosperity possible. When people can stop self-sabotaging themselves, the path to great success lies open and accessible. By overcoming subconscious obstacles, one can overcome past trauma and abuse to move forward into a healthy future. 

“Ladies, you can truly have it all and all at the same time!” Campbell said. “You then come into perfect alignment, knowing that abundance is your genetic and divine right; the battle between the genders for money, power, control, and intimacy is simply gone. The fight for dominance is over, and a true balance of equals emerges, and yes, you can still rule the bedroom.”

Dawna Campbell’s Personal Story of Dedication

The MindWhisperer shares the vulnerable story of the transformative moment that started her on the path to healing.

The December issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine also includes a free meditation from Campbell on five steps to instantly create anything in one’s life. 


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