The Advantages of Clarabe Cordyceps for the Human Body

Clarabe introduces Cordyceps daily gummies, made entirely of cordyceps fruiting body extract, with numerous health benefits. They are high in adaptogens, which boost energy and focus, increase endurance, and promote longevity.

Clarabe Cordyceps daily gummies are 100% vegan and are made with all-natural ingredients in Denver, CO. According to Clarabe, these daily mushroom gummies are packed with potent adaptogens and have numerous health benefits. Increased energy, focus, endurance, and longevity are just a few health benefits. These soft chews contain a powerful blend of functional mushrooms that give the body a clean source of long-lasting energy.

“The first ever recorded discovery of Cordyceps dates to 1694 by Wang Ang. The fungi were initially used to boost immunity, but it was later discovered to be a “cure-all.” Cordyceps reached its pinnacle of popularity in Chinese culture in the 1990s, when a group of female athletes broke nine world records by taking Cordyceps every day. Clarabe cordyceps functional gummies contain the purest and most potent cordyceps available, about 200 times more potent than other mushroom gummies,” representatives of Clarabe said. 

Clarabe Cordyceps soft chews contain a potent blend of functional mushrooms that provide a clean source of long-lasting energy to the body. The mushrooms that give it its superpowers are Cordycepin, Adenosine, Deoxyadenosine, and Beta-Glucans. Every dose of cordyceps contains these potent compounds that benefit the human body.


According to scientists, this compound is anti-everything-bad. Cordycepin contributes significantly to the mix of body-loving compounds.


Adenosine is responsible for keeping the human body cool and collected. This compound reduces heart rate, relieves nerve pain, boosts metabolism, and promotes a good night’s sleep.


This potent substance has been demonstrated to support the immune response and functions as an immunity booster. All of it has been shown to stabilize mood.


Beta-Glucans are most well-known for lowering the risk of diabetes, poor cholesterol, and lung disease. Additionally, this substance aids in supplying beneficial microorganisms to support intestinal health.

Customer Testimonials

Users of Clarabe Cordyceps are ecstatic about the advantages these daily soft chews have for their bodies and are happy to give them a high recommendation.

“I recommend keeping a pack of these gummies on hand for a post-lunch pick me up to get you through the rest of the workday and into your workout. It works as a great alternative to continued caffeine consumption during the day and is much more convenient than a trip to the local coffee shop. I would suggest this to friends and coworkers. 

“These are the best focus gummies out there. I get a lot of aid with attention and office work from Clarabe. My coworkers frequently inquire as to how I manage to complete more work each day than they do. I’m not sure if I should reveal my edge to them! Regards for assisting my success!”


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