Troxus Mobility offers the perfect e-bike for everyone’s personal transportation needs

For the best eco-friendly personal travel option, Troxus Mobility has got that covered. Their electric bikes are perfect for a more environmentally friendly option while getting some exercise.

An excellent option for making an eco-friendly update in your personal life is to switch your transportation from a car to a bike. The right bike will eliminate the need to fill the gas tank, reduce pollution emissions, and ultimately save money. Not only that, but bicycling is a great way to improve your health through daily use.

Troxus Mobility has been serving the U.S. market with its innovative electric vehicles since 2019. It works tirelessly to update existing models with its talented e-bike designers and engineers, providing the perfect option for customers’ mobility needs.

Troxus Mobility as a company and its personal transportation choice

Internationally recognized brand, Troxus Mobility, began its development in the U.S. market in 2019. Troxus Mobility has introduced a team of e-bike users and enthusiasts to bring customers the best personal transportation experience. They are creating new e-bikes that will be stylish, innovative, and, most importantly, affordable, as cost should not stop people from wanting to make environmentally friendly changes.

Troxus Mobility is officially launching two e-bike models in 2021, the Vulcanus and SkyHopper.

Intending to provide the ultimate riding experience for bike riders everywhere, Troxus Mobility continues to create more e-bike models for people to choose from, such as the Explore and Lynx.

Each model offers different benefits, depending on what the rider is looking for in an e-bike requirement. For example, the Troxus Explore Step-thru offers a 750-watt motor capable of running 62 miles per charge. This 8-speed bike has a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery to keep it running.

Looking for a bike that’s perfect for commuting? Lynx has you covered with the same 8-speed option as the Explore Step-thru.

Troxus has put a lot of security into its bikes. The tail light supports a double flash effect when braking so that people behind you can see you at first glance. This lighting technology is complemented by integrated bright lights that provide much-needed visibility for night travel, bad weather, and low visibility.

With more bike options to suit any need, Troxus Mobile offers the perfect choice for anyone’s e-bike journey. They even provide great bike accessories such as phone holders, frame bags, kickstands, and more to improve the bike experience.


Troxus Mobility is committed to constant innovation and leading the industry with its electric bikes. Whether for eco-friendly trips to work in the morning or as a healthy hobby between friends, there are many reasons to start using electric bikes.

Troxus Mobility offers state-of-the-art electric bikes with a two-year warranty and free shipping in the United States. You can’t go wrong with any of their innovative models. Whether you’re a long-time cyclist or someone looking to get into the world of electric bikes and cycling, you can find the perfect bike at Troxus Mobility in just a few clicks.

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