Rachelle Sassine Consulting: Helping Brands and Businesses to Explode During a Recession

Based in Sydney, Australia, and well known as the Queen of Marketing, Rachelle Sassine, Founder of Rachelle Sassine Consulting, is successfully helping businesses and brands to explode during the economic downturn.

Rachelle Sassine, the founder of Rachelle Sassine Consulting, assists businesses and brands in increasing revenue through effective Digital Marketing strategies. Rachelle, also known as the Queen of Marketing, has worked with various companies across digital marketing and technology, and startups.

Rachelle thrives on success and has grown businesses by more than 300%. She has built her businesses in Construction, Consulting & eCommerce. The team at Rachelle Sassine Consulting has developed successful strategies to assist brands and businesses to explode during the recession.

“Having grown my business and taken it from debt to 7 figures, I know what’s needed to help brands flourish. As marketers and business leaders, we can’t allow ourselves to become paralyzed by the doom of the global crisis. The actions we take now, during the recession, will give us the foundations for our business to survive and thrive as the economy stabilizes. My team assists businesses in increasing their revenue through proven Digital Marketing strategies. Working alongside many clients from many industries has given us so much experience and tools to know exactly what needs to be done to get your business from where it is now to where it wants to be,” states Rachelle Sassine.

The world has entered a recession because of the Covid Pandemic. According to economists, this recession may be worse than in 2008. Whether it is or isn’t, business owners shouldn’t focus on the negativity. Businesses and brands can use various strategies to boost sales during an economic downturn. Working with a proven and successful digital marketing company, such as Rachelle Sassine Consulting, is one of the best strategies a company can implement to scale and increase sales. While others are slowing down, now’s the time to ramp up. Don’t listen to the doom and gloom the media puts out. Focus on how to serve customers and amplify that message.

Rachelle Sassine Consulting helps clients stand out and attract new customers by utilizing skills such as SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, and creative strategies.

Services offered at Rachelle Sassine Consulting include:

– Digital Marketing
They combine all elements into a custom plan to help companies dominate online. They design custom plans for businesses to dominate. They understand their ideal customer, location, and business goals.

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
With search engine optimization, they have the process of improving the content on one’s website to rank well with the various search engines.

– Pay Per Click (PPC)
Making an impression in today’s world is complex; Rachel Rachelle Sassine Consulting helps businesses to thieve using PPC advertising.

– Local SEO
Rachel Rachelle Sassine Consulting assists small businesses in boosting exposure in their area.

– Website Design
Through a 3-step process, Rachel will develop and design an effective website for her clients.  

– Content Marketing
Using effective content marketing, Rachel helps her client’s businesses to grow, dominate, rank higher and attract customers. 

Rachelle Sassine is based in Sydney and serves a diverse range of clients in Sydney, Australia, and internationally who want to crush their competition and consistently climb the ladder to success.

For businesses and brands looking to thrive during the recession, to hire the Queen of Marketing, or learn more about how they can assist, Contact – Rachelle Sassine Consulting

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