Leigha Butler Yoga Helps Women Stay Happy, Strong & Supple Even in Twilight Years

This online yoga platform celebrates the power and sensuality of older women.

Aging tends to be associated with slowing down and losing fitness. It doesn’t have to be that way, says long-time yoga educator Leigha Butler. One of the many benefits of yoga, she points out, is that it brings the body into an ideal balance between strength and suppleness. For that reason, yoga can be a welcome companion into middle age and well beyond.

Not only does yoga improve physical health but it is also a boon to mental health. “Your body stores a veritable pharmacy of mood enhancers, and yoga is a powerful means of accessing them,” says Butler. In fact, it is tough not to feel completely transformed after a yoga session, she says, especially when it is as sneakily rigorous as the ones on her website.

The best part about the mood enhancement derived from a sweaty yoga session, says Butler, is that it does not come with side effects, nor does it come with a nasty energy crash. “The high you get from yoga is a sustainable one,” she says. And for Butler, sustainability is the name of the game.

Her membership website, Leigha Butler Yoga, offers new classes every week and caters to all people but especially to women of middle age who would like to stay supple and superlatively strong into their final decades. Her classes are by no means easy – in fact, they have a reputation for being some of the toughest around – but they are cued in an accessible, inviting way. This approach makes it possible to uncover students’ greatest potential for feats of strength, like venturing upside down and balancing on hands.

One of Butler’s greatest joys is teaching retirees how to handstand. “Too often we get to a point, maybe we’re 60 or 70, and we start to think, ‘That ship has sailed.’ But it’s just not true! We are capable of so much more than we think we are.”

One of Butler’s students who is over 50 describes “new feelings of strength” in her body. Another, over 70, returns week after week to improve his inversion practice. Yet another, a mom of middle age, says, “This is the best financial investment I make in myself every month.”

Butler’s philosophy is that – no matter what the cultural messaging says to the contrary – people can keep growing strong, mentally and physically, even as they grow grey. “Older men and women have a reserve of power and experience that should be celebrated and revered.” On her platform, age is not a liability but an indicator of sagacity and bodily know-how.

Butler’s membership platform aims to help people build their strongest bodies and most calm, empowered minds – all while having fun. “You can be your strongest, most mobile, and capable self well into your ‘twilight’ years,” she says. And many of her members plan to keep practicing with the platform for as long as their bodily vehicles allow.

To find out more about Leigha Butler Yoga and the membership site, visit https://www.leighabutleryoga.com/.

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Founded by Leigha Butler, one of the first yoga instructors to share her free long-form classes online, Leigha Butler Yoga the membership site helps people realize their greatest potential for power and suppleness.

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