How Building Owners Save Time and Money with BlueChip Pros

Jake Hopkins of BlueChip Pros explains the advantages of having one point of contact for all facility management needs…

When facility managers are searching for service providers that can meet their requirements, price is not the only factor in play for them. Time is every business owner and property manager’s most precious resource, so a contractor that can provide a way of saving both is invaluable to them.

Jake Hopkins of BlueChip Pros told us in an interview how their unique list of services and partnerships help clients save on time as well as money. Jake explained to us that:

“A big challenge that all property managers face is the juggling of multiple contractors. They all perform different essential services needed for the maintenance and upkeep of large buildings and facilities. Things like construction, security, sanitation, commercial cleaning and restoration are often fulfilled by multiple different companies. This can certainly get expensive when you start adding these up, but it also quickly becomes a full-time job communicating, scheduling, and paying all of these different entities. This can put so much stress on a property manager’s schedule and it will take time away from their other responsibilities.“

With BlueChip Pros, customers get to experience a simplified service experience that saves money without having to sacrifice quality. Their staff are all skilled in their respective fields which range from security and concierge services, facility management, janitorial and commercial cleaning, disinfection, and other specialty services. Jake goes on to say:

“While the services we provide are top of the market in quality and encompass a big chunk of our client’s needs, we are still working to provide even more essential services for our customers. We now offer services through our partnerships with other companies while maintaining the single point of contact that makes BlueChip Pros so easy to work with. We are proud to welcome our new premier partner for flooring and hard surface restoration, Endurmo. Their processes remove dirt, contaminants, and odors from hard surfaces and then re-bond them with a non-porous material. A protective shield is then applied to leave a like-new appearance that actually lasts.”

BlueChip Pro’s vast array of services, coupled with other businesses that they’ve partnered with, make them a unique company that saves money while maintaining a high standard of quality and also saves the customer time by offering all of this within a single point of contact. From commercial cleaning to sanitation, to security, facility management, and even traffic control, BlueChip Pros continues to add top-of-the-line quality services to its arsenal through new partnerships. Business owners and property managers can rest assured that by signing up with BlueChip Pros, a huge part of their workload is taken care of.

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BlueChip Pros is an Ohio-based facility management, commercial cleaning, and security services provider across the US. It is committed to raising standards instead of costs to help businesses maintain the integrity of its building and facilities. For more information on BlueChip Pros, visit

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