Build Customer Loyalty With Digital Email Solutions From Altered State Productions

The new digital email marketing solution can build connections and community with customers, boosting their loyalty towards a brand.

Email Automation campaigns have been rising in popularity as they are believed to be the best and most time efficient way to deliver a personalized message to each customer. The new email solutions from Altered State Productions are changing the lives of global digital marketing with its one-of-a-kind email solutions suite that is now believed to be one of the best email automation services currently in existence.

How to Utilize Automated Email Marketing 

Customers can now get the ultimate email playbook on strategizing their email automation and campaigns in a matter of days with Email Guidelines. This handy guide makes it simpler to send automated emails. This guide comes with a white glove service which implements all the designs, procedures, and tactics, as well as optimization based on significant information regarding the company’s brand, flow, and content. It even provides signup unit automation to capture social media leads to which they would receive email newsletters.

Email Essentials is another product from their email marketing suite that offers each customer 3 complete emails and 3 SMS, custom design to fit their individual business needs. In fact, they offer their 3 best email marketing essentials as bedrock for an online company’s success. These email template designs are useful for clients who are looking to boost their sales with digital email marketing and email automation services.

The Altered State Productions team outlines the Flow Strategy, 2 versions of Copy, Messaging, Art & Graphics, CTAs, Color Schemes, Email Experience, AB Testing, Optimizing Results, and Direction under their beta stage of Email Monetization service. The journey concludes with the generation of a 30–60-day report. The best part about their services is that there’s no new software to learn and no additional tools required. Their programs are made to get each client’s carefully filtered prospects to open their emails and convert them into paying customers.

In short, they offer a complete end-to-end automated email campaign with ready-to-send emails with call-to-actions, relevant subject lines, and interesting content. This ultimately makes every message valuable as it truly resonates with each person’s wants, needs, or interests. Their winning SMS and email marketing have enabled them to penetrate the nationwide market in the cities of Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more. Customer segmentation, email flows, automation, and sign-up units are also included as a part of their bulk email marketing services.

“Following an initial consultation during which we discuss your company and digital marketing objectives, our team embarks on a journey to create a unique approach for your business. Nothing is developed using templates, pre-made graphics, or stock photos! We provide customized, original work that can help with strategy and custom email flows, messaging, copy, digital media, and testing, review, and optimization of each campaign. Whether you’re offering goods or services, sharing your most recent blog post, or distributing a weekly newsletter, we have you covered!”

Domenique Comparetto, Copywriter, Altered State Productions

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