Popular Pokemon Go Player Bigvic5bn launches his new business ‘Project Infinity’

Victor Thomas, aka Bigvic5bn, a famous American online gamer, and digital content creator, is thrilled to announce that he is launching his own business by the name of Project Infinity. He has also shared that his YouTube channel will now stream live gameplay. The channel features live game streaming of Bigvic5bn playing popular titles, including Pokemon Go, Call of Duty, Dead by Daylight, God of War, and many more. His lively and entertaining personality has made him a hit with viewers of all ages.

Victor Thomas, who goes by Bigvic5bn on social media sites, said, “I am very excited to start this new venture into live gaming. I hope people enjoy my content and see some joy from it.”

Bigvic5bn’s recent videos have been heavily focusing on Pokemon Go, with his most popular video being the Pokemon Go tips series he created for aspiring gamers. In these videos, Victor advises players while showing off some of the tricks he has discovered. 

Recently, he has begun exploring other AAA titles such as Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Dead by Daylight, and God of War. These videos have gained much popularity among fans of those particular titles.

A quick search through his social media pages shows that the audience is growing daily due to the quality of his content. His social media accounts are full of interaction from followers, and his posts are always well-received.

“I got really interested in making videos when I started getting followers on social media,” Victor stated. “I’ve always loved games and sharing my passion with others.”

As far as future plans, Bigvic5bn says he has a lot planned. Apart from continuing to create his content for Youtube, Instagram, and other social media, he plans to start his business with a partner.

“We will do small projects together, like developing merchandise for people and making custom costumes. It’s pretty exciting!”

Victor and his business partner plan to continue their work online but will soon move into the physical world of retail. As they build their brand, they will keep pushing forward and producing high-quality content to share with their audience.

While his digital content is focused mainly on gameplay, Bigvic5bn also has plans to begin uploading more personal content, such as artwork or vlogs about his life. This will be especially helpful for viewers who want to know him better.

To stay updated with Bigvic5bn’s videos, viewers can follow him on YouTube at www.youtube.com/bigvic5bn and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/bigvic5bn.

About Bigvic5bn:

Victor Thomas, better known online as Bigvic5bn, is a famed online gamer known for his live gameplay videos on various social media platforms. His viral content garners millions of views regularly, gaining him a sizable fan base. He is launching a YouTube channel to stream his live gameplay and the occasional vlog or blog post.

Bigvic5bn is best known for streaming live gameplay videos on notable titles like Pokemon Go, God of War, Call of Duty, and Dead by Daylight on YouTube. His channel has amassed thousands of views and has become a favorite amongst Pokémon Go fans. Additionally, he has an Instagram id, where he posts content regularly. Bigvic5bn has already earned a large following on Instagram and continues to grow daily. His videos are well-liked and appreciated by his viewers, making him one of the top emerging digital content creators of recent times.

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