CEX And DEX Merge In The LOVELY Swap Revolution

Recently, Lovely Inu, one of the most innovative companies in the cryptocurrency universe that specializes in centralized and decentralized platforms, announced the launch of a new product called Lovely Swap. It would seem to be just another currency exchange service, but it has some really surprising features that make it quite unique.

What’s so special about the new exchange service? According to Lovely Inu management, “It is CEX in the form of DEX.” And in this particular case, we are talking about a decentralized platform with many features of a centralized one:

– Users own their funds with their wallets;

– The project owner can’t add liquidity without whitelisting the token contract address;

– The trading competition is implemented;

And that’s not all – Lovely Inu also plans to introduce some additional services and features related to Lovely Swap:

– P2P Crypto to fiat exchange, the first one on DEX platforms;

– Margins and Futures trading;

– The Orderbook, where buyers and sellers are connected by matching orders;

– The Lovely Launchpad

– the independent ILO Platform.

Lovely Swap is going to be a part of the Lovely Inu ecosystem, along with Lovely Wallet, Lovely Chain and Inspector Lovely (smart contract audit services). The company declares its commitment to three core principles: Automation, Scalability, and Security, and promises that the new service will revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. Indeed, the idea of “CEX in the form of DEX” is already fascinating and original in itself, and the practical implementation of this principle gives a good chance of success. Let’s wish good luck, reliable partners, and devoted users to this new project!

For more information visit:

Website: https://lovelyswap.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovely_swap/

Telegram: https://t.me/lovelyswap.

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