Tolman Media Breaks the Mold and Provides Jobs to Local Creatives

Tolman Media Breaks the Mold and Provides Jobs to Local Creatives

Many entities are created for money-making pursuits. However, a significant number of enterprises were created for visionary and life-changing purposes. One brand that has been pushing boundaries and transcending limitations across industries is Tolman Media. 

Tolman Media is a wedding media company driven by a goal. While other media firms are focused on delivering quality outputs, this trailblazing entity pushes barriers and highlights an incredible overall experience without breaking the bank. It not only provides affordable photography and videography services, but it also offers end results that capture its clients’ vision, cementing the magic of their weddings in stills and films. As a result, Tolman Media emerges as a must-watch force in the realms of photography and videography.

Unlike other media companies, Tolman Media’s approach toward the craft involves a graceful dance between the art of films and stills. Its founder, Brennan Tolman, often heard newlywed couples lament the terrible photos and videos they got after the wedding, emphasizing the misdirection between the photographer and videographer. This pushed him to kick-start an initiative that addresses this issue. Thus, Tolman Media organizes itself to seamlessly intertwine the magic of photos and videos in order to create a cohesive end-product for couples from all walks of life.

“Most brides don’t realize that hiring a random photographer and videographer who don’t know each other end up having photos and videos that are actually worse than they can imagine,” shared Tolman. “When one hires Tolman Media, they get a team that works together and delivers better products,” he added.

While these characteristics already speak volumes of the company’s unparalleled capacity, Tolman Media is mostly known for defying the odds by providing jobs to local creatives. Its founder has been passionate about opening doors of opportunities to like-minded individuals, so he hires exceptionally talented photographers and videographers, as well as DJs, who share the same vision. Every gifted creative will have a chance to expand their horizons and harness their potential, enabling them to develop a competitive edge across a cutthroat industry.

Brennan’s hands-on approach has also contributed to the success of Tolman Media. Although the company already has a team of professionals running behind the scenes, its founder continues to personally manage Tolman Media to ensure quality outputs. He also makes sure that the people he hires are genuinely the best in the local scene, ringing true to his vision of success. As a result, Tolman Media currently stands as a beacon in the wedding industry.

Tolman Media has continued to cement memories that tell stories of genuine love and happiness. It has pushed the boundaries of the art of film and photography, enabling them to elevate the industry with grace and finesse. On top of that, it has also opened doors of opportunities to felicitous creatives who have the capacity to provide an unforgettable experience. As Brennan Tolman continues to take the reins of a promising media company, Tolman Media is bound to take the industry by storm.

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