Does Auto Insurance Provide Complete Coverage Against Shopping Cart Damage?

Auto insurance is very important to consider when buying a new car or even if they have an old one. This provides coverage against any damages that can be made to their vehicle due to uncertain events. Auto insurance also covers damage if a shopping cart does it. But it covers the damages to their fullest if one has insurance with full coverage. The repair cost for the shopping cart damage can be expensive sometimes; if there is limited damage or minimal damage done, that can cost them somewhat less.

How to Handle Shopping Cart Damage in the Right Way?

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at, lists various things that one needs to know about auto insurance coverage when it comes to the damage done by a shopping cart:

·        Figure out quickly whether the damage done to their vehicle is large or small?

·        Who is actually responsible?

·        Will the repairing cost exceed the deductible when they file a claim for minimum damage?

Coverage of Shopping Cart Damage by Auto Insurance

There are various kinds of auto insurance available, having different premiums and coverage depending upon the insurance company. One needs to consider a few things before buying any kind of insurance. Now not every auto insurance provides coverage for shopping cart damage. So they should also consider the options which can provide damage for this and other coverage.

It is noted that basic liability insurance usually does not cover it until they apply for the damages or ask for this option. They’ll need to see if the comprehensive or collision coverage covers this or not, as these are the types of damage coverage for property, so they need to consider this option. Most often, these types of insurance policies provide coverage for this damage.

Among various insurance types, which one will be their choice would totally depend on the incident nature. If one wants this option, then make sure they buy both comprehensive and collision coverage. One needs to remember the important thing that when they are taking this option, sometimes they need to pay for the deductibles, which can be somewhat costly.

Instead, one can pay for repairs out of their pocket, which would be better than paying for deductibles. So make sure that when they face any small or minor repairs by shopping cart damage, then they can easily pay out of their pocket, and this is the best option to do. The options of deductibles sometimes cannot be the better choice if there are not much expensive damages.

Liability of Store for Paying For This Damage

Most often, it is noted that they cannot go against the retailer with a strong case and make him liable for the shopping cart damage made to their vehicle. Yes, most of the stores offer a safe place for storing the carts so that they are not responsible if customers do not use them properly.

If one still wants to have a legitimate case, they have to represent that the negligence occurred on behalf of the business. In this way, they can make the retailer liable for paying for the damage made to their car. But if there is no fault of the retailer, then it is better that they should not make any case against him. But, on the other hand, if they think that he has any fault, then only they should go ahead with this step.

What Exactly is Shopping Cart Damage Look Like?

To know about auto insurance for shopping cart damage, first, they need to know what this damage looks like. Shopping cart damage does not cause significant damage, but it can cause little dings or sometimes larger dents in their car. The damages depend on how fast the cart hit their car.

Most often, the shopping cart damage does not cause large damage to the car; rather, it causes some minor damage. Also, it does not cause any damage to the glass or the bumper of the car. But if the dents in their car are large or extensive, the repairs become difficult and can lead to more expenses.

How Much Will It Cost to Repair the Damages?

Most of the time, the damage caused by shopping carts does not lead to too many expenses. It depends upon the incident and to what extent it has caused damage to their car. The minor dents may cost less, whereas the incident can also lead to great repairs if the dent is more extensive.

The small dents of about an inch or similar size can lead to about $100 for repair. If there are some major damages, it can cost them even thousands to fix those dents. However, it mainly depends upon the size of the dent, damage location, and vehicle type.

Picking Auto Insurance That Covers This Damage

To get full coverage for shopping cart damage, one should pick the right auto insurance. The comprehensive and collusive policies provide coverage for this damage. On the other hand, liability insurance coverage is the basic one that gives coverage for this.

All the auto insurance does not provide damage to the shopping cart. If one needs this in their insurance plan, they should ensure its availability while buying auto insurance. These are treated as deductibles from the overall auto insurance plan as the repairs for this damage are not so much, so it’s sometimes better to pay for this out of their pocket.

Most people make the mistake of going for deductibles for its repairs. But it is considered to be a better option for paying it separately. Thus, choosing the right auto insurance is very important so that they do not have to worry about this damage, as they will get a full coverage plan.


When talking about auto insurance, one should make sure about a full coverage plan for their vehicle. For example, the damage to the shopping cart should be considered while buying the main insurance. One should go through different plans and different types of policies. The repairs for this damage do not cost much, and they can pay for these out of their pocket instead of paying from deductibles. Just note some of the basic things while getting coverage for this damage.

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