How To Play This Board Game: The War Of Spirit Stone

Game Accessories

● Game board*1

● Instructions*1

● Game wheel*1 (Weapons are obtained through game wheel)

● Character miniature*4 (You can choose your own character as game piece)

● Dragon pearl (Currency in the board game)

● Blood drops*24 (Hit points in the board game)

● Spirit Stone*1 (When you obtain the spirit stone, you wins the board game, andthe board game is over)

● Prop card*12 placed in a dirty bag (You can use the card to designate one player to go back 5 squares)

● Poison (You can use poison to designate one player to lose 1 point of blood)

● Blood pack (You can restore 1 point of blood by using the blood pack)

● Weapon card (If you get a weapon, you will get attack points. Each player canonly have one weapon)

● Plot card (You can trigger the plot by moving the plot card through rolling the dice)

● Character card *4 (Each character has its own initial blood and attack points)


● Shop (You can buy props or weapons here)

● Gambling house (You roll the dice at the gambling house. If the number of points is greater than 3, you can get dragon pearls of the right number; if the number is less than or equal to 3, dragon pearls of the right number will be deducted)

● Crane station (You can take 5 steps forward)

● Inn (You can take a rest or roll the dice again)

● Beast/the King of Qiongqi (When fighting with it, you have to compare your attack points with it, and you will lose certain amount of blood if your attack points are less than it. When your blood is zero, you should return to the starting point if you are in the protection zone, or you should return to the 40th square and restore blood to the initial blood of the character if in the combat zone)

Special Mechanisms

The first 40 squares belong to the protection zone, and the squares of more than 40 belong to the combat zone.

If the players meet with each other in the same square in the combat zone, they should compare attack points with the rules for comparing attack points with the villain.

Therefore, plot cards and weapons are still the magic weapon that allows you to win others.

How To Play This Board Game

You should first select your favorite character and the corresponding character card, and you will have up to 5 dragon pearls and the corresponding amount of blood for your character at the beginning.

Various plots are triggered on the board, weapons, props, blood and dragon pearls are obtained by rolling the dice and moving forward.

The player who first reaches the finish line and gets the spirit stone will win!


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