Personalised Photo Canvas Printer for Different Applications

Personalised Photo Canvas Printer for Different Applications

“UV flatbed printer”
(High performance, functional and efficient 6090 UV printer for all printing needs)

Printers and printing solutions are an essential part of every business and industry. Businesses often need personalised photo canvas printers for different purposes so that the print quality is excellent and offers value for money. Jucolor is a leading brand that helps offer solutions that are focused on meeting the UV printing needs of businesses. A UV flatbed printer is one of the most in-demand printers available for buyers in the present time.

This is one of those printers that is capable of printing on any kind of surface, including things like phone cases, buttons, PVC, ceramic tiles, wood, metal, porcelain, hairpins, accessories, and more. For such a high-quality printer, this UV flatbed printer uses a double negative pressure ink supply system.

The use of a negative pressure ink supply system is highly beneficial because it helps in avoiding poor quality printing that happens due to an unstable ink supply. There will be no chance of ink backflow, and it is possible to avoid 90% of problems related to UV printers. The printer is capable of automatically scraping ink, which creates less mess. It helps reduce labor costs.

Top Features:

The personalised photo canvas printer is loaded with several beneficial features that include the following:

Lightweight: This is a lightweight printer that is made using an aluminum alloy. It is light, resistant to corrosion, and of high strength. It works effectively all the time.

Suck Media: This feature helps prevent any media from moving during the printing process. There is also a size mark that helps in confirming the printing position so that the print happens in the right place.

Height Detection: The device is available with an automatic height detection system. It can measure the thickness of the media and also ensure that the print head is protected.

LED Control Panel: It is easy to use due to its LED Control Panel. The user can easily adjust the platform, clean the head, and continue with other basic operations.

This is one of the best printers sold to customers from different parts of the world. It is an affordable and highly functional printer. Check 6090 UV printer

About Jucolor:

Jucolor is a brand that focuses on the production of a variety of UV printers, ensuring that it is able to meet the production requirements of the customers. It offers high-quality and functional printers.

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