This Woman’s Inspiring Story Is A Testament To What Can Happen When People Follow Their Dreams

TwnFlmz Candle Co is an inspiring small business, owned and run by the ambitious and determined Brown and indigenous woman.

 Founder Latoya Delbridge says the business started out of a desire to capture memories through scent, a powerful marker of time which has an everlasting effect on us. She began this journey with nothing more than her passion and the birthday money she was given as an 18 year old – however, it is with these meager resources that she has created something truly incredible.

Latoya says the candle company is driven by love – for candles, for creating a beautiful ambiance in any setting, and for the idea that it’s never too late to turn dreams into reality.

The individual candles are named after special memories shared between the owner and her customers – providing unique scents that evoke warmth and familiarity.

It’s not easy for young entrepreneurs to build their own businesses from scratch – particularly when they have limited funds to start with. Despite these difficulties, Latoya proves that it can be done if you have enough determination and self-belief in your mission.

Latoya says what makes her business unique is its ability to connect with its customers on a deeper level through scent; evoking nostalgia or comfort in just a few moments of time spent with one of their products.

TwnFlmz Candle Co isn’t just making products – it’s crafting stories of love and strength out of seemingly insignificant moments in time where memories are formed into something tangible that can be shared with others.

Latoya says if you want something badly enough then anything can happen. With hard work, dedication and commitment, TwnFlmz Candle Co stands as an example for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams no matter how big or small they may appear.

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