Tidalove: Changing the K-Beauty World with No Plastic

Products specially created to help reduce single use plastic

Taking good care of the skin goes beyond improving physical appearance. A well established skin care routine can help reduce visible pores, wrinkles, and under eye circles, making a person look younger and healthier. But with the variety of skin care products already in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose what brand or product to patronize. Koreans are famous for their skin and beauty products but those who would like to make a difference not just with themselves but to the planet as well, Tidalove might just be the perfect personal care brand that one might be looking for.

Created with sustainability in mind, Tidalove offers plastic-free, naturally derived, and concentrated personal care products that work. This is a first in the K-Beauty industry that follows a waterless philosophy, meaning that every item purchased from them comes in smaller paper packaging with less weight and fuel, less carbon footprint, and no preservatives. Basically, Tidalove took the water, plastic waste, and harsh chemicals out of their products.

Tidalove prides themselves for being a revolutionary brand that fosters small daily habits into one’s routine in order to make big environmental changes. From facial cleansers, oral care, to body wash, Tidalove has a sustainable option that will work wonders.

On top of being plastic free and sustainable, each of Tidalove’s products are gentle on the skin, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and SLS free. For instance, their facial cleansers come in the form of beans, wherein each bean is pre-portioned for single use. Unlike liquid facial cleansers that leave product at the bottom of each bottle, their face wash beans produce no waste and will definitely leave one’s skin feeling clean, smooth, and moisturized.

Similar to their facial cleansers, Tidalove’s toothpaste comes in tablets too. Each tablet is packed with natural and concentrated ingredients, eliminating the chemical aftertaste that the normal toothpaste leaves behind.

By bidding farewell to the big plastic jugs of liquid soap, the body wash from Tidalove also introduces a more natural way to cleanse the body. Their body wash is made as sheets and guaranteed to be effective in removing impurities, while leaving the skin radiant and luminous.

At Tidalove, interested customers can purchase the refill pack and the tin can or just the refill if they already have an air-tight container at home. Without a doubt, personal care has never looked this sustainable and only Tidalove has made it possible. To check out their range of personal care products, visit their website at https://tidalove.com/.

About Tidalove

Tidalove is a brand that offers waterless personal care products that make a difference to the planet.

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