Gutter App Hits the Digital Marketplace for Rain Gutter Contractors

“Frank Heneghan’s Gutter App prides itself on the best work flow for all company owners & sales reps!”

GutterAPP is the FIRST field service application made FOR rain gutter contractors BY rain gutter contractors. It is a sales presentation, estimation, legal contract creation and credit card processing tool that will allow an owner/operator to present his or herself swiftly, professionally and with confidence. This application was specifically designed to take growing contractors from paper to digital without all the bloated software bells and whistles they have no use for.

GutterAPP was designed with the owner/operator in mind. It is the “game changer” for the smaller operation that has no interest in expensive enterprise software but is looking to improve their image, efficiency and organization. It is the perfect tool to transition to digital format from paper quotations and contracts, allowing you to stay organized and to present professionally to your prospective clients, directly leading to increased sales. Another outstanding feature offered within the app is the ability to generate a true contract with all the legally binding elements needed to protect a contractor and their business. Over 20 years, GutterApp’s legal counsel has developed an ironclad contractor’s contract with all necessary elements that has been successfully upheld in small claims court numerous times. Gutter contractors can transact with confidence with the app like never before. The “demo” feature creates multiple auto-populated slideshow presentations to present at the home during your sales presentation. GutterAPP conveniently runs on both iOS tablet and iphone.

The design and implementation was driven by Frank Heneghan, national rain gutter industry leader, mentor and parallel entrepreneur. Frank has been in the rain gutter industry since 2003 when he launched his own business, Connecticut Gutter, LLC which has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise in Connecticut. In 2019, Frank launched the ‘Lifetime Gutter Dealer Network’, a digital marketing agency with business changing offerings like SEO-based lead generation, cutting edge website development and business coaching/mentoring. Frank is known nationally as a seasoned gutter industry veteran with decades of experience both in the field and in the front office.

The Global Rain Gutter Market size was estimated at USD 6,903.27 million in 2020, was expected to reach USD 7,228.56 million in 2021, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.05% to reach USD 9,277.71 million by 2026.

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