The Guardianship Lawyers at Shields Law Firm in Houston TX Are Ready To Help Clients With Guardianship Concerns

Special needs legal services touch on many aspects of a special needs child’s life that ensure that child can go on to lead a meaningful and supported life. One key aspect is that of guardianship. The attorneys at Shields Law Firm are experienced in laws related to special needs and special education matters and have advocated and helped many children and their families in the Houston TX area.

Parents of special needs children are a very special breed of people. They toil with untiring determination to find the best options for their children with special needs. Whether to find the best treatment and program, search for the right school, or to deal with bullying in a social setting, these parents face the lifelong challenge of caring for their child. But there may come a time when the child is better off in the care of another person, and finding the right law firm that understands the intricacies of special needs matters. 

This is where the passion and experience of Shields Law Firm – Guardianship Lawyers can help families by providing legal advice in such an event. 

In the context of law, Guardianship is usually in the form of a legal arrangement made by the court to defend vulnerable individuals from exploitation, neglect, and abuse. It may also be an arrangement made by the parents for a pre-determined individual to act as guardian in the event both parents are incapacitated.

The purpose of guardianship is to take care of a minor or incapacitated person, also referred to as a ward, and their properties if deemed necessary. To begin with, the ward must meet certain criteria to be considered incapacitated under the law. In the state of Texas, a person is deemed incapacitated if they are under 18, unmarried, and have never had their disabilities of minority withdrawn. 

While for an adult, incapacity can be attributed to having some form of developmental and intellectual disabilities that render them incompetent to make decisions concerning their finances, health, and personal safety. The process of filing to appoint a guardian is much more complex and difficult to navigate without legal advice. 

Families must consider the most suitable type of guardianship—full, limited, short-term, temporary, or co-guardianship. Hiring the right lawyer is the best option for families already dealing with the challenges of special needs care. For residents of Houston, Shields Law Firm has a stellar record of handling these cases.

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The responsibilities of a guardian are great. Guardianship of the ward requires the guardian to provide care and serve as an advocate for the health and general well-being of the ward. The guardian may also be tasked with guardianship of the estate. Hence, courts will exercise strict judgment in choosing a suitable guardian for the ward. 

Family members are always the best choices before consideration is given to persons outside the family. In Texas, parents may wish to choose a guardian for their child in the event of incapacitation or decide that a specific person shall not be considered for guardianship. This can be done by completing a document known as the “Designation of Guardian in Advance of Need”.

Choosing the right guardian to handle the estate and a ward’s general well-being directly impacts the latter’s quality of life. To ensure the right decision is made, legal counseling and representation from the Shields Law Firm is a critical first step.

About the Firm: 

Shields Law Firm is a Special Needs law firm based in Houston TX dedicated to advising families on the best options for their children.  Its team of attorneys is well-versed in the highly technical demands of Special Needs Laws and has successfully represented clients in several special needs cases across the state. The firm offers an obligation-free in-depth discovery call.

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