Fahrbike – a new electric bike brand launches in the U.S. with a big Christmas Sale.

Fahrbike Electric Bikes brings a new brand to the U.S. market, a line of urban electric bikes with Premium-quality components and modern design.

As the energy prices in the world keep increasing, the popularity of electric bicycles is not decreasing. Demand for electric bikes and micromobility is growing every year and successfully competing with public transport and other means of transportation. Since cycling is easier and more convenient in many cases, many people choose e-bikes to take the most comfortable route and avoid miles of traffic jams.

In addition to energy savings, maneuverability and freedom of movement, electric bikes are characterized by the absence of harmful emissions, minimal maintenance costs, a wide range of uses, no parking problems, and other advantages.

Now that consumers are more familiar with electric bikes and are demanding more. Fahrbike offers electric bikes with Premium-quality components for everyday commuting at an affordable price.

What makes Fahrbike electric bikes unique?

The brand name Fahrbike comes from the German word “fahren,” which means “to ride.” The company claims it builds electric bikes along the lines of the German automotive industry and aims to provide its riders with the same premium riding experience.

Fahrbike’s current models already have innovative solutions like a bike frame with unconventional tubing called the 3D-frame. This new type of frame is made to make the bike more stable and easier to service than regular e-bikes.

Electric Bikes Lineup

Fahrbike doesn’t make all e-bikes the same but designs each model to fit the specific needs of each riding scenario and riding style. Whether someone is interested in sustainable commuting, a fun stylish ride, or is looking for a thrill on the trail, Fahrbike has its own model of e-bikes to fit all needs:

• Farhbike Terra – A classic 26” Fat Tire e-bike with a frame with an integrated battery that’s still rare in its price range. The bike is available with step-over and step-thru frames of which the latter has a 3D-frame with a “reinforcing rib” that makes the bike especially sturdy and stable compared to traditional step-thru frames.

• Fahrbike Cruz is the little brother of the Terra that’s shared largely the same features as the Terra but is fitted with street tires instead of fat tires. The sleek reinforced 3D-frame design makes the bike perfect for daily commuting in the city.

• Fahrbike Bolt is the bike for those looking for increasingly popular folding e-bikes to take out of town for trips or for those who just need the save space. The quick locking mechanism and especially the powerful motor with attention to details like throttle and bright LCD is what makes the Bolt stand out from the rest.

• Fahrbike Roadster73 is something fun that we all can appreciate. It’s a moped-style ebike that can be ridden just like a moped with the help of the throttle or pedaled like a bike.  Step-over frame and large motorbike-like front light of the Roadster73 are for those looking to have a fun ride that looks and feels more like a fun little moped than a bike.

Fahrbike Electric Bikes Christmas Sale

Farhbike is currently celebrating its US launch with a Christmas sale that makes these e-bikes stand out even more. With discounts up to $250 electric bikes with these features are borderline impossible to find elsewhere.

“Fahrbike is offering up to $250 off its electric bikes. The offer is valid until 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2022.”

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