MAX Forest – Web3 Solution Against Global Climate Change

Maxity, the world’s largest charity NFT marketplace, is going to launch its mobile Dapp called Maxity App by the end of this year. The Dapp, besides integrating its existing NFT trading platform and fiat donation widget, will also release a built-in wallet function and a pioneering ‘Plant and Reward’ model, MAX Forest.

The idea of MAX Forest originated from Alibaba’s Ant Forest, the most popular and most active app that encourages charitable practice (planting and low carbon behaviours) in the world and has the greatest positive social impact. Based on Ant Forest, Maxity has designed MAX Forest to be an iterative upgrade with Web3 technology and an expansion with an international vision. It is hoped that with the help of blockchain technology and Web3 industry opportunities, MAX Forest can contribute to the idea of ‘blockchain for good’ to promote the alleviation or resolution of human development problems such as global desertification governance with a decentralised model.

Current impact of climate change and solution

Climate change is one of the most critical global issues today, and the impacts of global warming caused by CO2 emissions are increasingly significant including the rising of sea level, increasing in ocean acidification, etc. Research done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shown that even if greenhouse gas emission was to stop completely, the surface air temperature would continue to increase and remain elevated for several decades, which could induce crop reduction and food crisis, and the rising of sea level is forcing people to abandon some of the most populated areas.


With the ground-level warming expected to be more serious over lands than ocean and changes in water availability due to anthropogenic climate change and unsustainable land use practices such as deforestation, over-grazing of livestock, over-cropping, UNICEF predicted that by 2040, 25% children will endure extreme water shortages, especially in developing countries. Human beings are urged to care for the planet that we have lived on for hundreds of thousands of years. On the African continent, desertification has affected 45 percent of its land, forcing millions of people to leave their homes to survive – people who had no part in global warming. Water/air pollution, flooding and drought around the globe are all vital signs of human impact on the environment, reminding those responsible of the need for social responsibility to improve the environment where all creatures live.

The United Nations have proposed the 17 UN Global Goals which are to be reached by 2030, in which governments are required to reduce the speed of climate change and protect resources on the planet. The UN Secretary General Guterres pointed out that the world needs to put more effort in achieving “more justice and harmony between people and planet” at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit.

Solutions to climate change based on utilising natural resources have been proposed. On the one hand, by improving the natural environment, the global ecosystem can be repaired, restored, and become manageable in a sustainable way. On the other hand, a better natural environment benefits biological diversity and helps to solve social issues, including food security, health and welfare, and economic development.

A ‘Walk-to-donate’ model already exists, the goal of which is to incentivise individual behaviour to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. The cities of Vienna and Hong Kong have already provided redeemable city-related rewards for using public transport or walking.  Inspired by existing examples, Maxity, a social impact protocol and charity NFT marketplace, is introducing MAX Forest to bring charitable planting into the Web3 space.

MAX Forest, the first ‘Plant and Reward’ model

Maxity is the world’s first social impact protocol innovating NGO fundraising and strengthening transparency in charities using blockchain technology, all towards building a Symbiotic Metaverse to contribute to the UN Global Goals.

The visions carried by Ant Forest and the ‘Walk-to-donate’ model are strongly in line with Maxity’s mission. However, the target audience of Ant Forest is limited as it requires its users to understand the Chinese language and it mainly relies on using Alipay to record green activities (public transport ride, utilities payment, etc.). That being the case, Maxity establishes the first ‘Plant and Reward’ model to bring a similar public welfare model to places such as Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia where desertification is more serious and encourages governments, enterprises, and NGOs worldwide to join the project on fighting global desertification.


Under the ‘Plant and Reward’ model, users from around the world can receive MAX Coin in reward of their daily low-carbon behaviours, and NGOs that support different causes can build charitable forests on MAX Forest to receive donations and help with planting real trees in the physical world.

MAX Forest is the beginning of Maxity’s Symbiotic Metaverse, and ‘Plant and Reward’ is the initial stage of its ‘Volunteer and Reward’ model. A user of MAX Forest walks, and all the step counts will be automatically transferred into energies that could be used to redeem trees (NFTs). The user can then donate their trees to different NGOs to earn rewards while the NGOS plant real trees to build charitable forests in Mid and East Asian countries as well as the Sahel area where desertification has become the most critical issue.  

In the future, Maxity will continue to support the 17 UN Global Goals and further explore innovations solving global issues with Web3 technology. By introducing more gameplays based on the ‘Volunteer and Reward’ model in its Symbiotic Metaverse, Maxity encourages global volunteers and charitable individuals to join the amazing Web3 space to take on social responsibility in a decentralised way, eventually achieving cosmic harmony.

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