Transformational Specialist Ritchie Nkana Teaches the Art of Financial and Body Fitness in The Body and Bank Connection

Chartered Accountant and certified sports nutritionist Ritchie Nkana, releases a new book titled “The Body And Bank Connection,” where he teaches how to achieve physical fitness and financial freedom

Transformational specialist and sports nutritionist, Ritchie Nkana, has taken his commitment to transform people into peak performers, using fitness as a base, to another level as he recently released a book titled The Body and Bank Connection: How to Exercise Your Way to Financial Fitness. The book is a life-changing piece that details tips for living a healthy and abundant life, with Ritchie using himself and his clients as  case studies.

It is becoming more difficult for people, especially busy professionals, to combine their pursuit of daily bread and financial wellness with healthy living. Financial wellness remains one of the biggest challenges faced by millions of people across the globe, with the inadequacy of resources on wealth creation and management further worsening the situation. A recent S&P Global FinLit Survey revealed that only 33% of adults worldwide are financially literate, more than buttresses this point. However, Ritchie Nkana is looking to help people to achieve financial and physical wellness with the release of The Body and Bank Connection, described as “probably the only book that will help transform your body and finances.”

The 10-chapter book is unique in all ramifications as Ritchie harnesses his diverse experiences to talk about different aspects of financial fitness and physical wellness. The Body and Bank Connection starts with establishing the connection between a healthy body and financial fitness. It also outlines the key fundamentals to achieving financial fitness, with the last chapter ending with a 30-day challenge to motivate readers to implement the strategies covered in the book and stack them over the next 30 days to help them keep growing.

The Body and Bank Connection: How to Exercise Your Way to Financial Fitness is currently available on Amazon in different formats for readers across the globe.

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About Ritchie Nkana

Ritchie is a Transformational Specialist, Chartered Accountant, and is certified as a PT, metabolic conditioning coach, sports therapist, pain-free performance specialist, and sports nutritionist. He has been leading transformation initiatives in the banking industry for the past ten years and recently branched out to begin his own coaching business, combining his understanding of physical and financial fitness. Ritchie is committed to transforming hundreds of busy professionals into peak performers, using fitness as a base.

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