The Essential Oil Company Is Providing Pure Essential Oils For Bulk And Wholesale Purchases

From soap and candle making to personal use in diffusers, the Essential Oil Company has pure oils for everyone to utilize. With bases, carrier oils, and raw supplies, they’re a one-stop shop for creators everywhere.

Essential oils are one of the best and most natural ways to scent anything from soaps to candles to beauty products. Many of them boast additional benefits beyond the scent, such as a calming feeling when smelling lavender. It’s important when using essential oils to only utilize pure oils in order to get the best results and benefits. 

The Essential Oil Company provides pure essential oils, as well as materials to create with those oils. This United States-based company sells only the highest quality to ensure the best results and scents. 

A history of quality and consistency

The Essential Oil Company has been around since 1977 and has maintained relationships with oil distillers for over 40 years. What does this mean for the oils being distributed? It means that quality and consistency are guaranteed as the same distillers are working with the same proven processes to produce an unrivaled end product. 

The Essential Oil Company’s product is so pure and trustworthy that they even supply wholesale and bulk to food and beverage manufacturers and medical professionals. This cruelty-free and animal-friendly company is the choice for aromatherapists, herbalists, and naturopaths everywhere. 

The Essential Oil Company isn’t just the top essential oil supplier, but they’re also the first. The original pioneer in the essential oil market offers everything from single oils to bulk purchases. Unlike many wholesale and bulk suppliers, The Essential Oil Company doesn’t require minimum purchases. They want to be able to aid as many people and companies as possible with their essential oil needs, which is why they don’t require large amounts to purchase. 

Take, for example, the French Lavender Oil. This stress-relieving scent can be purchased as just a 10ml bottle for personal use in a diffuser or up to 25lbs at one time for a business utilizing the benefits and delightful scent for candles or soaps. 

If one is new to using essential oils, The Essential Oil Company provides instructions on each type of oil for how to utilize it and what its purpose is. There are even suggestions on what other types of oils blend well with it to provide even more benefits. 

With hundreds of oils available, the ideal scent or health benefit is waiting for everyone. 


The Essential Oil Company has been providing doctors, manufacturers, soap makers, and individual people with the best essential oils for 45 years. They do more than just distribute these high-quality oils. They provide education on the usage of oils as well as instructional guides on how to start out in things like soap making. 

Essential oils can be incredibly beneficial to overall health and wellness, and there’s no better or more trustworthy place to get them than The Essential Oil Company. 

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