ColoradoCrete Committed to Helping Homeowners and Businesses Leverage Its Peerless Quality of Gypsum Services

ColoradoCrete is the premier Colorado gypsum concrete flooring specialist brand, offering unparalleled gypsum floor underlayments, gypsum concrete floor leveling, sound reduction mats, and other services at highly approachable prices.

As the leading provider of gypsum underlayments, floor leveling, gypsum & concrete repair, and floor underlayment services, ColoradoCrete, Inc. continues to aid Colorado home and business owners develop a strong foundation in their homes and business facilities. 

Whether it is installing gypsum underlayments in small homes, repairing concrete flooring in business offices, or setting up advanced gypcrete floor underlayments in multi-family estates, ColoradoCrete’s experts will see any project executed to perfection. 

What distinguishes ColoradoCrete from competing gypsum installation & repair firms is the abundance of knowledge and experience its team of professionals boasts. With over eight decades of combined experience, the company’s experts have already completed more than 3,000 projects. This remarkable feat entails placing over 150 million square feet of gypsum concrete and more than 10 million feet of radiant heat. 

Determination, expertise, and efficiency are the words that best describe ColoradoCrete’s work. As imparted by the company’s spokesperson, ColoradoCrete leverages cutting-edge technologies and equips its employees with state-of-the-art gypsum installation & maintenance tools, which guarantees consistent, predictable results, stating:

“Our sophisticated equipment allows for up to 20,000 square feet of level, consistent coverage. Coupled with rapid drying time, our system ensures that we efficiently meet your flooring needs. ColoradoCrete’s flooring and materials professionals work as a cohesive team to complete even large scale projects in a timely manner,” said ColoradoCrete’s spokesperson.

The company sources premium quality cement and materials to ensure consistent results. ColoradoCrete blends the exquisite brand of cement from Portland, which boasts approximately 7,000 psi compressive strength, with robust sound mats and top-of-the-line underlayments to guarantee each project receives the attention it deserves. 

ColoradoCrete excels in restoring old, run-down building floors to their former glory and beyond. By laying the groundwork and expertly preparing beaten, uneven floors for brand-new coverings, the firm’s professionals can elevate the performance and function of even those surfaces that have been firmly bitten by the tooth of time and neglect. 

Repairing gypcrete and moderately damaged concrete is a breeze for ColoradoCrete pros. Widely renowned for its softness, gypcrete material was never meant to last for centuries, but with the help of ColoradoCrete, it may as well. 

One of the most sought-after services in ColoradoCrete’s catalog is installing floor underlayments in Prescient building systems. The company’s spokesperson imparted that ColoradoCrete, Inc. was among the first companies to deploy this service in Colorado, stating:

“Prescient building systems have recently been largely installed in the United States, with their headquarters located right in Arvada, CO. We have been invited to do testing with Maxxon at the Prescient lab to come up with the best assembly. ColoradoCrete has installed the gypcrete and sound mats on the majority of Colorado projects, making us well-versed to install the underlayment system correctly.”

More information about ColoradoCrete, Inc. is available on the company’s official website.

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