Next Watch Club launches a new competition community to win luxury watches

On track to revolutionizing the luxury watch industry and making it accessible to everyone, Next Watch Club brings collectors and watch enthusiasts together by offering exclusive competitions.

Next Watch Club has launched a game-changing new competition community for watch enthusiasts and collectors, offering monthly competitions to give individuals a chance to win exceptional timepieces while at the same time connecting them with like-minded enthusiasts.

Founded by Thomas Ordonez, a lifelong watchmaking enthusiast with over six years of experience in the industry, Next Watch Club offers exclusive access to some of the most sought-after timepieces in the world.

“Next Watch Club is composed of a team of lifelong watch enthusiasts and industry experts who know the value of high-quality timepieces as well as the thrill of collecting. That’s how the competition community was born. It aims to bring collectors and enthusiasts together for the chance to win luxury watches,” explains Thomas.

With its luxury watch competitions, members get the chance to win exceptional watches, with expert curation and selection by Thomas and Next Watch Club’s partnerships with the biggest names in the watch industry. However, Next Watch Club is more than just a competition website – it’s a place to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and share their passion for watches.

As a member of the Next Watch Club, members will have the chance to win unique timepieces, connect with a community of collectors and enthusiasts, and access exclusive opportunities and partnerships in the world of watches. 

To join the competition, individuals have to sign up for the community by email to receive the exact launch date of each month’s contest and have priority access to the competition. When the competition opens, members may visit Next Watch Club’s special page for the watch they want to win and choose the number of tickets they wish to buy, which is up to 25 per person.

Once members pick the numbers of their tickets, they have to answer a quiz to test their knowledge of the world of watchmaking. The questions will require elements of skill, knowledge, and judgment, so members must brush up on their watchmaking knowledge before they enter. Ticket are processed via secured payment processor and they will receive their e-tickets by email immediately after purchase.

Thomas, the founder of the Next Watch club, worked for three years in one of the most prestigious Luxury boutique in Geneva , Rue du Rhone. He has been a watchmaking enthusiast since he was a child. He had the chance to train and work in one of the most famous luxury watch boutiques in Geneva, Switzerland, for more than six years, where he earned a lot of experience in sales.

He then decided to fly on his own by creating a company specializing in the purchase and sale of prestigious watches. In 2022, he decided to found Next Watch Club to bring collectors and watch enthusiasts together by offering exclusive competitions. 

As part of global efforts to fight poverty and hunger, Next Watch Club donates five percent of its profits to UNICEF. By buying tickets, members are able to contribute to supporting the association. 

Those who wish to learn more about Next Watch Club and its game-changing vision for the community may visit its website at or follow its social channels for more information.

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