Get caught in the loop: Loop Lasso is the hottest toy of the year

Millions of kids and adults alike loved this product that went viral over social media.

Facing uncertain times can be stressful for anyone. Some deal with it in silence, while others find a way to get their minds off it. Still, others work hard to find something worthwhile to do that can lighten the burden that comes with uncertainty.

For a Los Angeles father-and-son team, it’s the latter that worked. To bring smiles and fun during the height of the pandemic, the duo spent time in the garage working on a toy that would do just that. After many sleepless nights and prototypes, Loop Lasso was born. Today, Loop Lasso has gone viral (thanks to this video), and is one of the most loved toys of the year.

Loop Lasso is a toy that can make a good stress-reliever office fidget and a fun educational toy for kids. It can also be a super cool gadget to take to all kinds of concerts and events. Kids and kids at heart are now in the loop and enjoying the craze that Loop Lasso brings–just like its goal.

The original string shooter toy is the result of high-quality string, amazing technology, and cool physics. The powerful combination of the three allows it to do various tricks, which makes it stand out from the rest. Each set of Loop Lasso comes with the Loop Lasso handle, strings, and a charging cable. Its set-up instructions, guides, and tips and tricks videos are easily accessible through the Loop Lasso website,

About Loop Lasso

Loop Lasso is one of the viral and most loved toys today. A small family-owned business that was born at the height of the pandemic, it aims to provide during uncertain times the same excitement and happiness that toys from the ‘80s brought to kids at the time.

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