The 8 Testing and Tagging Mistakes to Avoid

Electrical devices, appliances, equipment and all the technology that goes along with them such as power points, switch boards, lighting, cords and leads have become so integrated with our lives that often the associated dangers are left as an afterthought. As leading testing and tagging experts in Melbourne, Altona Test and Tag decided to list out the top mistakes we see when we are talking to business owners, construction team members, and training companies about their workplaces and the environment their people work in daily.

Firstly we have been asked often what is test and tag?

Well we have written a blog on this and here is a direct quote from it where we outline what it is:

“Test and tagging is the process of visually inspecting a portable electrical appliance for any damage, followed by electrically testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT). The purpose behind doing this is to ensure the safety of the people in the workplace coming into contact with the appliance, while also minimising the risk of an electrical hazard.

Test and tagging is a critical part of your electrical safety. The AS/NZS 3760:2022 is the Australian Standard that provides guidelines and regulations for the test and tagging industry with regards to electrical safety of appliances. It sets out recommendations to issues such as test and tagging intervals, defines who can conduct work and the general guidelines. This Standard was recently updated in 2022 with a list of various changes, along with now being called the AS/NZS 3760:2022.

The importance of this standard cannot be understated. By having a qualified electrician conduct tests at regular intervals on your appliances, you can ensure that they are up-to-date with their compliance requirements so that you can stay safe from any potential hazards.”

Now you are up to speed on the Australian test and tag standards that are to be complied with. Below is some guidance when it comes to Testing and Tagging within your orginisation. 

1. Choose the right technician:

It is essential for you to carry out some prior research concerning the test and tag company you are going to work with. The most efficient approach to doing that is by using Google to check their business website and ask them if they can offer you references to check where they have completed work. You should check the level of information provided and see if there are any reviews done on them that can help verify their work and standards.

2. Consciously check appliances, devices, and equipment for existing issues.

When testing and tagging inspection is done, often we see companies around Victoria have a set-and-forget mentality. This is not the right mindset. We recommend your team actively report any faults or potential hazards for immediate attention, inspection, or repairs. Do not wait for the next portable appliance testing unit to be wheeled around your business – be proactive.

3. Failure to train and educate staff on equipment care.

Often, when we visit businesses across Victoria, we see workers who have not been trained or educated on how to best look after equipment or devices. Bad habits can start and not be checked if the staff does not have the knowledge of how to best maintain equipment. Prevention is always better than cure. Not only that, it saves you time and money in the long run in terms of productivity and efficiency. 

4. Forgetting appliances not used for business.

In Melbourne, we see many offices that have small kitchens or kitchenettes. We often find employees who use these do not have safety top of mind because these appliances are not for business operation. However, it is a mistake to take any electrical device lightly and so these areas and items must be given the due testing service and maintenance required.

5. It’s got a tag, so it’s safe!

This is a really common mindset our technicians see across industries in Melbourne. Just because it has a tag and was tested at some point in the past does not mean it is now free from defects forever. Ensure your team knows to be vigilant and not take for granted that all is in order just because of a tag. Checking the date on the tag is the one keyway to see how long it is since the last test took place.

6. The equipment is new to us, so no need to test and tag.

While it is true that new equipment is more likely to be operational, it does need testing and tagging prior to going into service. This will also assist to verify if it is in fact brand new or a second-hand appliance that has arrived. You don’t know the history of a second-hand appliance or if there is an internal fault from production and therefore, this item must be inspected in accordance with the standards.

7. Duct tape is OK for patching an electrical cord.

Please, please, please stop patching cords with duct tape. Yes, the device may still work, but the practice of using duct tape to patch cords is a real issue we come across on a regular basis. Any cord that is frayed or broken needs to be tested. If it does not pass the test, it needs to be immediately decommissioned and disposed of. We beg of all business owners, the duty of care is with you and you must act decisively in this area.

8. My test and tag supplier takes responsibility for my business.

As with all things when you own a business, it is the business owner who takes responsibility for the testing and tagging compliance in your business. That applies to RCD Testing, having the certificate of compliance, reporting, and so on. Therefore it is so important you choose your testing and tagging supplier carefully and ensure they are qualified with skills and experience to carry out the job with excellence. It gives you peace of mind, knowing their services are helping you be compliant.

What else does Altona Test and Tag do?

At Altona Test and Tag, we offer more than just testing and tagging services. You can check our website for all our services. We do earthing tests, safety switch tests, fire equipment testing and maintenance, emergency exit lighting testing and maintenance, smoke detector testing and maintenance as well as microwave radiation leakage testing. We have years of experience servicing our clients with electrical services across Melbourne and Victoria. Give us a call for a no-obligation free quote.

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