Charlene Byars and The Byars Company Guides Women to Building Lasting Relationships Through Personal Growth

Charlene Byars and The Byars Company Guides Women to Building Lasting Relationships Through Personal Growth

Having a companion is one of the most underrated forms of self-care, as it boosts happiness and reduces stress. But unfortunately, finding the right person in today’s dating pool can become tiresome, especially for people looking for that special connection on which great, long-lasting friendships are founded. So, to bring the spark back to the dating pool, relationship expert Charlene Byars founded The Byars Company. Through her company, Charlene Byars helps women navigate their dating experiences with fewer heartaches and more control to find their perfect match.

A certified women’s leader, empowerment coach, relationship expert, course creator and the CEO of The Byars Company, Charlene Byars has dramatically impacted the lives of many women throughout her career, helping them magnify their purpose. She has coached women on various aspects of their lives, from business to raising children or making significant decisions. However, she noted that one common subject among these women revolves around relationships and men.

Charlene realized that many women struggle with healing from past hurts. So, to help them recognize the importance of self-love as a vital tool for anyone to truly embrace others, she designed and developed the unique Aligned Partner Attraction Formula. The tried and proven formula uses four essential principles that help women find their dream relationship, starting with themselves first.

“I wanted to create a brand that would truly empower women, single women looking for true alignment with their lover. Second, I wanted to have them heal from past hurts and move forward to have the time of their life. Finally, I wanted women to ultimately attract whom they connect with in all ways,” she says.

Through her venture, The Byars Company, Charlene provides women with innovative programs, tools, coaching services, and events to women committed to growth and sustainable change in their relationships. The company is established on the core value of helping women have excellent relationships with themselves and the people they love.

The programs are designed to empower women to create excellent relationships with themselves, change the way they approach dating, manage their romantic relationships, and help them attract their soul-aligned partners. Her most popular course, Chosen, is curated for single women to learn how to heal from past heartbreaks and find their true romantic partner. 

Charlene believes relationships should enhance someone’s life and not detract from it. As a result, the relationship coach has empowered and transformed many lives through her coaching, as she does the work of helping them navigate the root cause of their hurt to provide a lasting solution. “We are here to help women dive deep, heal past heartbreaks, and move forward with an entirely new perspective about men and relationships,” shared Charlene. 

With The Byars Company, Charlene Byars helps women connect with others and identify and match energies to build long-lasting relationships. In the future, she aims to help more people find love within themselves and connect with others. “It doesn’t matter what they’ve experienced in the past or how old or young they are. We all deserve great love if that’s what we desire,” she left off.

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