Huoise Shares Why Sugar Scrubs are Great for Sensitive Skin Compared to Salt & Coffee Scrubs

This new brand in the US market breaks down the benefits of sugar scrubs for sensitive skin.

For people with sensitive skin, choosing the right products for facial and body care is always a challenge. One of these products is body scrubs. There are just so many types of scrub there is in the market that users become overwhelmed with the choices available.

To help people with sensitive skin, new sugar scrub brand Huoise sheds more light on why sugar scrubs are great for sensitive skin compared to salt and coffee scrub. Here are the top reasons why this type of sweet scrub is ideal for people with sensitive skin:

1. Finer particles mean gentler exfoliation – especially those made with coco sugar. With less abrasive particles compared to salt scrubs and ground coffee beans, sugar scrubs provide a milder peeling effect on the skin’s dead skin cell layer, making it a great option for people with dry and sensitive skin. This less abrasive feature of sugar scrubs makes them the perfect option for scrubbing the face and the low neckline area or decolletage.

2. Sugar is a natural humectant which retains moisture in your skin and keep it nourished. Sugar alone has amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals, giving the skin a vibrant and shiny glow.

3. Cleaner bathrooms and prep area. Sugar scrubs’ finer particles will leave your prep area or bathrooms clean and pristine. Salt scrubs leave a lot of rough residues on the floor and ultimately, coffee scrubs not only leave large particles but also spread out dark or pigmented residues all over the place which also does not dissolve and cause clogging issues in your drain.

Sugar scrubs also contains natural anti-aging effect on the skin. “The key to achieve flawless skin for people with sensitive skin is sugar scrub” said Huoise’s company spokesperson. For more tips and information on sugar scrubs from Huoise, visit

About Huoise

Huoise is all about providing the finest sugar scrubs for people with skin type. As a premier US brand, Huoise believes that sugar scrubs are good for sensitive skin compared to other types of scrubs around that’s why it educates buyers worldwide on their benefits and use.

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