Rhoming Is a Brand New Furnished Rental Booking Platform That Is Disrupting The Rental Industry

Rhoming LLC, A furnished mid-term rental booking platform just launched and will be offering furnished mid-term leasing options for rental properties nationwide. This online booking website will be the first of its kind, providing resources and options to an overlooked group of renters with a very unique business model in mind.

Mid-term rentals, defined as 30-day or more lease terms, are a widely overlooked subsect of the home rental marketplace.  There are many reasons to seek a mid-term rental. Perhaps it’s for a single semester at a new college or to train for a new job for four or so weeks or relocating to a new city with family. Regardless of the reason, the current options for mid-term rentals are limited. Either one can book an expensive short-term vacation home with all the taxes and fees associated with short-term rentals, they sign a long-term lease for much longer than they need and pay fees to break their lease early, or they stay at an extended stay or hotel, which may not be ideal for their situation. 

Rhoming is about to change this. Just launched in December, this site will be a nationwide online resource for mid-term renters and those seeking to list their rental properties for mid-term stays anywhere in the United States. In the past, mid-term rentals ended up falling into either short-term or long-term categories, making them difficult to find and rent. It’s time Mid-term Rentals had their own space in the rental market! Rhoming is dedicated to this unique niche connecting property investors and homeowners to clients who seek mid-term stays. 

Rhoming LLC’s origins and offerings

Rhoming’s chief executive director and founder is Bridget DeGarmo. Rhoming was created about a year ago when she began to make changes to one of her long-term rentals. In order to increase passive monthly income, she wanted to change one of the rental properties into a short-term rental. The problems began when she learned about the increasing regulations for a short-term rental in her city, making it incredibly difficult to rent it short-term. 

The solution was a mid-term rental. As soon as this update was made, the rental was booked out for the next two years, and requests for similar properties started pouring in faster than she could keep up with them. This made her realize just how many people were interested in this market and how few resources were available for it. 

Travel nurses, military members, contract workers, people relocating, retirees and more have a need for these furnished mid-term rentals to meet their needs when they’re actively traveling. They’re not in the same place for long enough for a long-term rental but need a property for much longer than a stay at a vacation property. It puts them in the awkward mid-term rental market that has very limited resources. 

Rhoming will connect people like this with a fully furnished home to come back to each day with rental terms that actually work for their needs. 

The massive void in the rental market is about to finally have a resource to find, list, and book the mid-term rental properties that so many working professionals need. 


Rhoming will be a platform for renters to find the perfect home and for those who rent these homes to list them for the correct consumers. Rhoming screens all listings for the renters so they know they can trust what they find on the platform. With continuing plans to partner with insurance companies, hospitals, contract companies, travel nurse recruiters and more to fully optimize the platform. 

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