“Displate”, the metal posters that bring Christmas joy.

Displate is a unique metal poster created to capture your individual preferences. We’ve developed a solid, magnet-mounted canvas for the twenty-first century that is strong enough to sustain a lifetime of intense staring. But just staring is half the fun! It just takes 20 seconds to set them up without any power equipment, harm, or aggravation. You may modify, collect, and rearrange them as you choose. Displate is currently having over 1.5 million artworks, 2.3 million collectors around the globe, and over 5 million website visitors monthly.

Displate is a top marketplace for premium metal posters. They collaborate with the biggest businesses and most skilled artists in the world to make that happen. They collaborate with some well-known brands such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Bethesda, NASA, and The Witcher. You can also join Displate Club and enjoy its amazing benefits. You can receive free shipping on all orders placed while you’re a member of a Displate Club. On the 12th month of joining Displate Club, you’ll get a voucher for your new Displates, equal to the value of your order placed at the time of joining!  If at the time of joining you bought a Limited Edition, the value of the voucher will be equal to an M-size matte Displate.  As a Displate Club member, you can access, discover, browse and get Limited Editions before others. Another interesting thing is you can get Permanent discounts on all purchases, excluding Limited Edition Displates.

“A graphic designer recommended Displate to my wife and me. She has Displates on her wall now. I got one design in my office, and it’s just awesome! My inspirational piece of metal came with a bend. I suggested some kind of discount. The support of Displate just sent me a new one for free. Thank you so much, we gonna plant all our walls with Displates!”, “Great product quality! Very pleasant unboxing experience of the poster- I really appreciate its design of it 🙂 on top of that, customer support is most helpful and very informative. I was given a very elaborate answer to a problem with my poster, and my case was handled quickly. Customer support was friendly, and I felt heard and cared for – 10/10!”. These are some feedbacks that Displate got from its clients.

Media Contact
Company Name: Displate
Contact Person: Dorota Uslu, Communication Specialist
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Phone: 0048- 730-057-103
Country: Poland
Website: https://displate.com/