Effiqs Officially launches the Ultimate B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy Program

Effiqs introduces a three-week comprehensive B2B SaaS Go-To-Market strategy program that validates effective marketing strategies and assists businesses and brands in achieving exponential growth.

Any product launch requires a go-to-market (GTM) strategy to be successful. A B2B SaaS GTM strategy outlines how a company will deliver its unique value proposition to customers to drive sales and gain a competitive advantage in a market. According to a Harvard Business School study, up to 95% of new products launched each year fail. As a result, having a refined B2B SaaS GTM strategy before launching any new product is becoming increasingly important for every business and brand owner.

The Effiqs team has created a thriving, highly-rated three-week comprehensive B2B SaaS go-to-market program to help businesses and brands succeed and achieve exponential growth.

“In just three weeks, we guarantee that our ultimate B2B SaaS go-to-market program will take your SaaS business to the next level by identifying and capitalizing on immediate opportunities to improve your revenue funnel by at least 10%. Our highly effective and transformative B2B SaaS G2M program will help you grow your business faster than ever imagined,” says an Effiqs representative.

A B2B SaaS go-to-market strategy is a detailed outline or guide for how brands get their product to market. It covers everything from their potential customer or target market to the most effective marketing and sales strategies for reaching these customers.

When introducing a new product or expanding an existing one into a new market, a company or brand will require a strategy to help them easily penetrate the market and capture the attention of the targeted audience. The ultimate goal of the B2B SaaS GTM strategy is to bring together sales, marketing, and product development to create an effective plan for entering and establishing a solid foothold in a market.

The Effiqs team has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients to help them scale their businesses to new heights. They’ve curated a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step process to assist B2B SaaS companies in identifying market challenges, identifying strategy flaws to achieve optimal growth.

Effiq’s simple step-by-step process includes a Stakeholder Discovery, where they identify business leaders’ challenges; their B2B SaaS Go-To-Market and Data Discovery step focuses on discovery questions and gathering information through key questions. The Workshops, their fourth and fifth steps, provide high-level analysis of what they’ve discovered and teach brands how to generate more leads. The Effiqs team will present their findings to the leadership team to highlight opportunities for improvement in their final step, which is creating and presenting output.


A B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy is critical to a company’s success. Businesses are more likely to fail if they lack a robust and distinct strategy. To learn more about the Effiqs Ultimate B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy Program or for a consultation on achieving exponential business growth, visit https://www.effiqs.com or book a strategy call.

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