NAOSSOFT has developed a new and improved website for Bridges To Hope, a nonprofit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska

NAOSSOFT has developed a new and improved website for Bridges To Hope, a nonprofit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska

“Bridges To Hope Website”
NAOSSOFT launched newly designed and improved website for Bridgest To Hope, a non profit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The new site features a streamlined, modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to essential information to help both donors and the community we serve.

NAOSSOFT has developed a new and improved website for Bridges To Hope, a nonprofit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The new Bridges To Hope website can be found at

About the Website

The site is faster, more streamlined, and more modern than the previous site, with a wide range of information available to users in seconds. The site provides information on the nonprofit via its About Us, Mission and Vision, Media Inquiry, and other tabs. The Media Inquiry tab is especially useful for keeping members of the community connected. This page features stories, blog posts, press releases, and more. An inquiry form for media outlets is also included on the page.

Easy ways to offer in-kind or monetary donations to the nonprofit, which relies exclusively on these donations, are also featured on the site. Users can learn how to help Bridges To Hope realize its visions via the Take Action page. In just a few short clicks, a website user can help themselves or a loved one find a myriad of resources needed to successfully reenter society after incarceration. 

About Bridges To Hope

Bridges To Hope is a first point of contact for the formerly incarcerated population of Nebraska. Their mission is to act as a bridge to serve and encourage men and women transitioning back into the community after incarceration, helping them become successful contributors to society. Often after serving their time, many issues plaguing the formerly incarcerated can cause them to recidivate back behind bars. Lack of stable housing is a huge part of this issue. The critical first steps back into the community—and out of the cell—require a home and all that a home entails. 

Bridges To Hope provides tangible items, referrals, and the guidance the formerly incarcerated need in the form of a new life.They also provide needed resources that expand community support and encouragement. Bridges To Hope works closely with many other organizations that provide mentoring, job training, leadership skill training, and other key elements of rehabilitation. 

A prosperous future for the formerly incarcerated depends on the stability that only a home can provide. Bridges To Hope offers the reassurance that there will always be someone around for them to assist in whatever ways they may need. 


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