Pangea Technologies Offers CNC and Injection Molding Services

Industries focused on manufacturing operations require standard tools and materials to develop quality products. Pangea Technologies is a trusted product engineering company committed to providing high-quality manufacturing products. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, IL, USA, and they offer mechanical engineering design services. With its manufacturing facility located in India, they can provide different industries with quality CNC machined parts. Their services and products facilitate productivity in the different operations of their clients. They have well-trained experts and the resources to offer standard services. Their services include engineering simulation, prototyping, value engineering, real-time monitoring, mobility software solutions, induction heating, LED lighting, analytics, industrial design, high-speed design, and circuit simulations.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Pangea Technologies commented, “Our products are known to be durable and highly efficient. We are focused on helping every one of our clients succeed with their businesses and projects. As a solution-oriented and innovation-focused company, we aspire to be the best metal stamping, casting, metal fabrication, injection molding, CNC machining, and tool & die supplier in the global marketplace. We have years of experience in the industry, and we continue to make improvements on all our products, including custom metal & custom plastic parts, electrical parts, and electromechanical assemblies.”

Pangea Technologies offers products that are consistent in quality and very affordable. Their client-first approach allows them to develop and build products that are in line with their clients’ needs. This also helps them improve their procedures and employ top-class materials in their operations. With their drive to provide excellent services and products, the product engineering company designs wide-ranging custom mechanical parts such as metal parts and plastic parts. They also manufacture electrical parts and assemblies. The products they offer are designed and manufactured within their facility. Depending on customer needs, Pangea may manufacture some of the parts through sub-contractors. They can help clients reduce costs & number of parts, simplify designs, and design based on the requirements of customers. Those who need professional services from Pangea Technologies can contact them through their phone line.

The spokesperson added, “We make use of different CNC machining materials. These include aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, steel alloy, and stainless steel. Through our CNC machining services, you can be sure to get fast delivery of products, reliable products for your projects, and customized products based on the material of your choice. Some of our CNC machining plastic materials include CPVC, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, Delrin (POM), Nylon, Acetal, PMMA, Polycarbonate, PS, and Polypropylene. We have good manufacturing capacity, so we get to work on your task soon, and we deliver promptly without you having to wait for so long before the parts are delivered.”

At Pangea Technologies, they have representatives who are always available to respond to queries via call or email. Those searching for CNC services near me can contact the product manufacturing company.      

About Pangea Technologies:

Pangea Technologies is an excellence-driven product engineering company where industries can get plastic for injection molding services.

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Pangea Technologies.

2800 North Lake Shore Drive, #3308

Chicago, Illinois 60657 (USA)

Phone: (773) 969-3036



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