Vital Ability: Life Coaching that Helps Individuals Transform, Transition, and Thrive

Life coaches at Vital Ability, LLC support individuals through vital transitions of life and help them transform into the best version of themselves, while supporting them in realizing the beauty and strength within themselves. They also conduct educational workshops/webinars for groups and organizations, along with providing Peer Coaching Circles for professional development.

A life coach can do wonders for people adapting to life changes after surviving trauma. Going through life transitions and seeking a way forward can be daunting. Vital Ability.LLC offers the support of life coaches to bring about organic transformation and meaning to the personal or professional lives of its clients. 

It’s the kind of support that moves an individual from survivor to thriver mode after a life-altering event. The coaching techniques applied by these life coaches help their clients identify their strengths, gain confidence, enhance their potential to find their own path, and set goals that enrich their lives.

Vital Ability, LLC is owned and founded by Caren Robinson, who is a certified holistic, life, career, and executive coach; brain-based coach; transformation life coach; TBI mentor, medical advocacy consultant, and adult educator. 

She is also the creator of an educational website related to Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury called Hope TBI. Her services as an advocate and blogger have earned her international prominence for being inspirational and informative. She has been featured in Life Coach Magazine, a premier online magazine for coaches and their clients, and numerous other publications. 

Caren is a successful public speaker and has volunteered for several non-profit organizations and co-hosts an international radio program through Brain Injury Radio. Having firsthand experience of surviving Polytrauma and then finding her way to thriving, it is her mission to spread awareness and knowledge that can help people deal with the most challenging events of their lives by inspiring them, helping them make informed choices, and find their inner strength and courage. She also takes on a number of clients every year on a pro bono basis.

Vital Ability, LLC offers a complimentary 30-minute, one-on-one no obligation coaching consultation to discuss the concept of coaching, potential goals, and strategies on how the services that Vital Ability, LLC provides can help benefit the potential clients they are engaging with. 

Coaching services focus on finding solutions to a better future by assisting clients to become aware of information and their own potential. This empowers them to make informed decisions to chart their path and set their goals, eventually transforming their persona and life. These services are open to individuals, professionals, and groups/organizations. Sessions are customized according to client requirements. 

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The program sessions are completely virtual and can be availed by clients internationally as well. It is an action-based program that works to support each client in finding answers, helps them feel empowered to heal themselves from past issues, gain freedom from limiting beliefs, and move forward with intention. Vital Ability, LLC also conducts educational workshops/webinars on various topics as per client requirements (about personal development, medical advocacy, and related issues), provides medical advocacy consultancy, provides Peer Coaching Circles for other coaches to accumulate experience hours, and in the near future will also be offering a Brain Injury Recovery Support Program. 

Client testimonials leave no doubt about the effectiveness of the services and also speak volumes about Caren’s compassion and caring demeanor. Their gratitude is evident as they confirm the positive transformation they have experienced and moved towards a more purposeful life. Her personal experience with battling her own life traumas, traumatic brain injury, and PTS/PTSD and emerging victorious makes her the right person to guide people who want to reinvent themselves.

About the Company: 

Vital Ability, LLC is a life coaching company founded by Caren Robinson, a trained and certified holistic, life, career, and executive coach; brain-based coach; transformation life coach; TBI mentor, medical advocacy consultant, and adult educator. She applies the learning from her own experiences to help clients who have undergone a life-changing event. These clients need support to transition through the changes that such incidents bring and transform their mindset to work towards success and fulfillment. Apart from the virtual coaching services, there are also educational workshops/webinars on related topics, medical advocacy consultant services, Peer Coaching Circles, and in the near future, a brain injury recovery support program being offered. For a few qualifying cases annually, who cannot afford the payment, she also takes on as pro bono.

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