Car Accident Lawyer Houston, TX of Gibson Hill Personal Injury Takes Care of Its Clients

Gibson Hill Personal Injury is a law firm led by two of the best personal injury lawyers in Houston. They possess the skills and experience needed to tackle any case that comes their way and ensure their clients get everything they deserve.

Accidents can happen at any time and in any location and most are caused by the negligence of others. For the people of Texas, hiring a competent lawyer familiar with its laws is crucial in seeking fair compensation and Gibson Hill Personal Injury is a highly regarded law firm in this respect. 

Founded in 2013, Gibson Hill Personal Injury is spearheaded by Ty Gibson and Brett M. Hill—both skilled, respected, and experienced in representing personal injury victims. Dedicated to helping clients receive their rightful compensation, the attorneys at the law firm strive to be empathetic, creative, and reliable professionals. It is these core values that motivate them to provide clients with the best legal representation and results. 

The team of injury lawyers at Gibson Hill Personal Injury has the requisite knowledge and skills to handle a variety of cases, such as truck, car, and motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, offshore injuries, oil field injuries, wrongful death, premises liability, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and more. 

The car accident lawyer Houston TX represents clients on a contingency fee basis and offers obligation-free case review and legal advice on the type of compensation a victim can seek, such as medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, distress, and others. As such, victims of an accident resulting from the negligence of others should reach out to a dependable lawyer after seeking medical attention. 

It is advisable not to speak to representatives from insurance companies as they tend to offer meager compensation or will even refuse a claim outright on account of technicalities. Once hired, its team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys will act on behalf of clients to ensure the maximum amount of benefits can be recovered. 

The injury laywers handling the case will start to build a strong legal case by conducting a thorough investigation and gathering critical information, including photos of the accident scene, medical and police reports, witness statements, and more. As the legal representative, the firm’s attorney handles all matters on behalf of the claimant, allowing the client to recuperate and heal without worry.

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Gibson Hill Personal Injury is helmed by two highly accomplished lawyers who actively support its team of litigators. Ty Gibson first managed a personal injury case while attending South Texas College of Law, and this was his initial exposure to this area of practice. 

He went on to learn more about personal injury law and the skills needed to establish a good attorney-client relationship. He acquired a passion for assisting those who have been injured and established Gibson Hill Personal Injury sometime later. 

Partner Brett M. Hil obtained his Juris Doctorate at the same school and dedicated much time to a competitive advocacy program. He traveled the country and achieved numerous awards before honing his skills by representing hundreds of clients through highly contentious litigation.

With its expertise, experience, and compassion, Gibson Hill Personal Injury is dedicated to helping every accident-stricken person who walks through the front door and will go to the limit to ensure they receive their compensation. 

About the Firm: 

Gibson Hill Personal Injury is a law firm located in Houston, TX and they specialize in personal injury claims. It is led by the experienced and skilled duo of Ty Gibson and Brett M. Hill. They can handle cases that involve car accidents, medical malpractice, and workplace mishaps and will work hard to ensure their clients receive the maximum and fairest compensation. Gibson and Hill also care about their customers like they are family and will offer personalized attention to every case that comes their way.

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