OSIM offers UK’s Best Leg & Foot Massagers for Ultimate Relaxation

OSIM brings whole new foot massagers and neck massagers in the UK for helping people unwind and relax their tensed muscles and hence, embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Multi-award-winning, a veteran in healthcare and lifestyle products OSIM brings a full range of foot massage and neck massage products. The latest uSqueez 2 feet massage machine offered by the company delivers targeted, strong massage to alleviate the pain while stimulating feet and leg reflex zones. The machine comes with adjustable kneading plates for relaxing and sore-alleviating massage to the lower calves and upper things. Thanks to the design innovation, this leg and foot massager provides maximum massage coverage. It also reaches different acupressure points for improved health benefits.

During a digital magazine interview, the spokesperson of OSIM stated, “More than 40 years ago, OSIM UK began developing and offering massage products. The uSqueez 2 leg and feet massage machine is, however, unlike anything we have ever created. Users are just a tap away from having strong, healthy legs if they have this massager at their disposal. The fact that this massager offers 5 distinct professional humanised hand massage techniques is proof of OSIM UK’s ongoing innovation. This massager gives a soothing and pain-relieving leg massage by precisely simulating the hands of a professional.”

uMoby neck massager is another wonderful product from the collection of OSIM’s massaging range. This is an innovative hand-grip massager that emulates similar actions of professional masseuses. It also comes with auto and manual program options for relieving deep-seated tension and aches at the shoulders and neck. For an intense massage session, users need to select the ‘Deep-Tissue’ program and choose ‘Relax’ for a gentle and soothing massage. For manual programming, there are ‘Continuous’ or ‘Pulse’ options to choose from. No matter what program is selected, the neck massager will make the user feel energised and rejuvenated after the massaging session. Therefore, for those who wish to purchase a neck massager with both auto and manual programming options, the uMoby neck massager can be the right option.

The spokesperson also mentioned, “OSIM UK uMoby neck massager can snugly fit on the neck and shoulders for an intense massage. It has been designed particularly to relax aching and stiff muscles due to the frequent use of mobile devices. It comes with an ergonomic strap to offer targeted massage on the aching points. Users can put more pressure on the targeted area by just pulling down this strap with the forearms. The best part is its humanised massage programs that are easy to customise depending on one’s preference, soreness, and desire to unwind after a long day.”

OSIM’s massaging product range has something for everyone – be they youngsters, adults, or the elderly. Since the OSIM massagers offer the humanised massaging effect, the company proudly refers to them as intelligent devices that read the user’s body. People from various lifestyles can bring home innovative massaging products to calm the body and soul after a long, hectic day. The company also communicates its values through its products that show its deep understanding of holistic health at every single customer touch point.

About OSIM:

OSIM is the top manufacturer of high-end massage chairs and a pioneer in the wellness Tech sector. They have been at the forefront of research, development, and innovation since the company’s launch in 1980 to improve the general health and well-being of consumers. The veteran in healthcare is committed to creating intellectual products in the wellness industry. This shapes the brand’s designs, technology, and retail strategies for a wide range of cutting-edge products. To buy massage chairs for the body or specific massagers for particular body areas, customers can visit the company’s official website.

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