Choosing the Best Divorce Lawyer: Texas Common Law Marriage According to

Choosing the Best Divorce Lawyer: Texas Common Law Marriage According to

When people find themselves needing a divorce lawyer, finding the best one can seem overwhelming. Some attorneys have experience, others are aggressive. How can a person know which lawyer is the best one for their case? Keep reading for our best tips on finding the right divorce lawyer.

Be Realistic

Divorce is a legal process to dissolve assets and resolve custody issues. It is not therapy. Still, according to, a divorce attorney’s job is to represent their client. While clients may tell their lawyer their frustrations, anger, pain, and sadness, it isn’t the lawyer’s job to help with these feelings. Because attorneys have a high hourly rate, it is best to use them to answer all legal questions and deal with the issues at hand.

Understand the Options

Hiring a lawyer isn’t the only way to get a divorce. For couples who want to save some money and are willing to try other alternatives, “you can try this out”. Mediators can help negotiate the terms of a divorce faster and for less money than hiring a lawyer.

Parties may also want to consider a collaborative divorce. This type of divorce includes a co-parenting relationship. A litigated trial is the final option when neither side wants to compromise. Understanding what kind of divorce one will go through will help determine which person or attorney to hire.

Find Several Lawyers

It’s always best to find several attorneys to interview before deciding on one. Parties should find a lawyer who specializes in family law and has experience in the type of divorce they anticipate. The right lawyer will have the necessary knowledge and experience and will help their client understand the process.

A lawyer should be willing to solve problems creatively. An attorney, such as those at Sisemore Law, needs to be familiar with the judges and practicing attorneys in the jurisdiction so they can advise their clients on legal strategy. Ask friends and family members for recommendations. Look online for local attorneys, and make a list of potential lawyers for the case.

Interview Potential Attorneys

There are many questions that clients should ask before hiring a lawyer. Find out what kind of divorces they specialize in and how many cases they have personally handled. Ask if they are a “certified family law specialist.”

Ask about their strategy for the case and how long it will take to resolve it. Try to get an idea of how familiar they are with the law in the state where the divorce will take place. For example, ask if they are familiar with the story about a Texas Jury Rules Gay Couple Had A “Common Law” Marriage.

Always find out who will be working on the case. Will it always be the attorney hired, or will paralegals or other junior attorneys be on the case? Ask for an estimate of the total cost of the divorce. Attorneys will be hesitant to provide an estimate since it depends greatly upon the amount of conflict in the case. A general ballpark figure can be helpful.

Consider asking attorneys what they think the judge will rule in their case. While no attorney can know for sure, they should be willing to give their honest opinion. Divorces can be messy and challenging. Finding the right attorney will help things go as smoothly as possible.

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