Southern California Patios Helps Owners Create Their Dream Patios

Southern California Patios’ Alumawood patios give homeowners the best value for money.

Adding a patio to a home brings a lot of benefits to families. It creates an additional area in the home where family members devote time to lifestyle activities that they enjoy, like entertaining guests, spending some alone time and enjoying the weather, or just hanging out as a family and making new memories.

Adding a patio also adds to a home’s value. People who are in the market for a house will be able to see a beautifully designed patio with a complete outdoor living area and be drawn in immediately, and the homeowners can ask for a higher price. For owners looking to add a patio to their home, Southern California Patios is your best bet.

Southern California Patios is the number one Alumawood expert in the state. It offers Alumawood patio covers that give owners the best value for money with their beauty, durability, and maintenance. Made from embossed aluminum that has been painted and manufactured to look like wood, Alumawood patio covers offer several benefits over patio covers made of wood, metal, or other materials.

For one, it does not attract fire like vinyl or wood, making it super safe. It is also more durable than other materials as it does not crack, peel, warp, or attract termites. This durability will save homeowners a lot of money in the long run since they do not have to spend much on maintenance costs.

Alumawood can also cover more patio areas so homeowners can enjoy the additional shade. It is also energy-efficient in that it helps create a cool space during the summer months, and a warm space during fall and winter. Lastly, Alumawood is more environmentally friendly than other materials.

Southern California Patios also offers a hassle-free process for homeowners who want to install a patio into their homes. First, they need to send a photo of their backyard, along with rough measurements. Southern California Patios will then send an in-home design confirmation and layout visual markers so homeowners can get a feel for the size of the area, locations of the vertical posts, and electrical fixture locations.

While on-site, the team can then make the final adjustments and provide a line-by-line estimate. Next, homeowners can finally sign an e-contract and make a 10 percent deposit. From there, it’s a matter of assembling the materials and installing the actual patio. In a day or two, homeowners can enjoy their new patio.

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Southern California Patios is a family-owned business based in Corona, California. Founded in 2005, it has steadily grown into one of the leading Alumawood patio cover providers in the U.S. with over 13,000 Alumawood patio covers successfully installed. Its commitment to outstanding customer service has earned it the most reviews and has led it to become the highest-ranked company for Alumawood patio covers in the country.

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