Unlocking One’s Potential to Succeed with Mehmi Schulz: The E-commerce Way

Mehmi Presents a Way to Financial Freedom to Young Women and Families through Starting an Online Business

An e-commerce start-up is a less traveled road for many believe it entails so much hard work before reaping the benefits. However, isn’t that the same for typical 9 to 5 jobs and other business ventures? Mehmi Schulz is a personal business coach and consultant, self-made millionaire, and businesswoman. Using her knowledge and experiences combined, she leverages the two for her Microbrand Coaching Program to help individuals change the way they earn money forever through dropshipping business.

Mehmi has helped hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running and enjoy success. Her specialization in dropshipping and microbranding e-commerce helped clients around the world to become successful entrepreneurs and build highly profitable and successful e-commerce businesses through business strategies that guarantee up to six-figure profits in a month while working from home.

She has built her own online store from scratch and now she helps others do the same. Now offering an intensive one-on-one coaching program, Mehmi and her team of certified business coaches ensure personalized training programs for each client to help them reach their fullest potential.

To ensure the best returns for her clients, Mehmi and her team formulated a module-based program founded on the six best e-commerce practices: (1) success-strategy mindset; (2) product research; (3) full Shopify setup; (4) leveraging social media use; (5) Facebook ads; and (6) Google ads. In addition, she will also be sharing other dropshipping practices and special e-commerce tools to help clients become financially independent with flexible working hours. Such an outcome guarantees more time for family, hobbies, and mental wellness.

Accordingly, having a personal business coach like Mehmi can help clients turn their dreams and goals into reality by helping set up a specific action plan that is achievable within a certain time frame. Many studies have shown that 80% of individuals who are guided by a business coach have higher self-esteem and a clearer perspective of what they want to achieve. Moreover, studies have indicated a high return on investment (ROI) on a client’s business profit. Having an impact on profit and business, clients can also leverage the positive outcome by working toward their financial independence, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being, and having more time with their family and friends.

Mehmi believes that empowering people to do the same will provide room for self-improvement. With her team of e-commerce experts and business coaches, Mehmi is committed to helping her clients reach their goals with professional tools and entrepreneurial insights.

More information about Mehmi’s business coaching program can be found here: https://mehmislz.com/

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