EyCrowd, a game-changing marketing tool, takes digital engagement for small & medium enterprises to the next level

EyCrowd believes that building genuine human connections is the most impactful way to build brands. It offers a powerful crowd-based smart marketing platform to turn fans into authentic brand ambassadors.

EyCrowd is redefining the way business owners, CEOs, and business development professionals connect with their customers after unveiling a powerful marketing tool that rewards loyal fans while attracting new customers. 

“Marketing has to evolve from clicks to genuine connections while still embracing technology. People tend to remember how a company makes them feel. When they associate a brand with joy, fun, and other positive feelings, they’ll always remember the brand and stays with them. That’s where EyCrowd comes into the picture,” a representative said. 

EyCrowd is a game-changing platform that helps brands connect with their customers through fun, joyful ways—digitally and in person. Through EyCrowd, brands can easily support their most cherished customers while welcoming new ones and creating a strong, loyal customer base. 

Simultaneously, customers can easily support their favorite brands and discover others most aligned with their interests and values, while being rewarded for their support. 

EyCrowd features a campaign builder that enables business professionals and marketers to select, edit, and publish fun and creative campaigns with just a few clicks. The smart platform then identifies the best EyVocates –– which are local everyday people who love the brand –– and invites them to the campaign. These EyVocates then use the EyCrowd mobile app to join the campaign.

“We’re giving brands a way to simplify grassroots marketing efforts and humanize the way they connect with their customers because these genuine and memorable experiences result in real impact for both brands and their customers,” the representative said.

EyCrowd is composed of a global team with a strong background in Marketing, Project management, Sales, Data Analysis & IT. Its team has worked in the biggest Silicon Valley and other international market leaders companies. Their collaborative experiences came together to build EyCrowd.

Those who wish to download the innovative marketing tool may check it out on AppStore and Google Play. Others who wish to learn more about EyCrowd may visit its website at https://eycrowd.com/ for more information.  

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