One of 2022’s top theology books is Adam’s Family by Dr. Cheryl Yvette Brock, pastor at Holistic Ministries

Author and theologian Dr. Cheryl Brock has released a compelling, insightful examination of the rawness of human nature in her recent book, Adam’s Family: A Study of Depravity (Murder, Incest, Deceit, Idolatry, Drugs/Alcohol). From Bible study to the classroom, the potential applications of Brock’s groundbreaking work are innumerable.

Book cover of Adam’s Family: A Study of Depravity (Murder, Incest, Deceit, Idolatry, Drugs/Alcohol)

Adam’s Family chronicles how humanity has become separate from God ever since the time of the first man and woman. Drawing upon reformists, church leaders, and even psychiatrists, this revolutionary book explores the need for reconciliation with God. Adam’s Family includes examples from scripture, including the stories of Lamech, Canaan, and the tower of Babel. It culminates in recognizing Jesus as the source of salvation solely by faith and God’s grace.

Instead of relying on dry, outdated texts, Dr. Brock presents a modern alternative to colleges and churches seeking to diversify their resources. Unlike other books in the religious and spiritual genres, Adam’s Family is written in an engaging way with simple language that’s accessible to all.

Curriculum developers will quickly see how the holistic approach in Adam’s Family adds invaluable context to biblical stories by drawing upon both Christian and secular resources. Although primarily intended for institutions, this one-of-a-kind book will resonate with everyday readers, Bible study groups, and students as well.

Adam’s Family: A Study of Depravity (Murder, Incest, Deceit, Idolatry, Drugs/Alcohol) is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or wherever books are sold.

Dr. Cheryl Yvette Brock, ThD, is an author, mother of four, grandmother of twenty, and great-grandmother of two. She has pastored at Holistic Ministries since 2005, and graduated with a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Theology from Newburgh Theological Seminary in 2021. Brock used this work originally as a thesis in pursuance of her doctoral degree from Newburgh Theological Seminary, and currently lives and writes in Florida.

Author Dr. Cheryl Yvette Brock, ThD

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