Defy the Odds: Success Despite Your Circumstances By Deann Patterson

Are you someone who at times struggles with overcoming challenges and focusing on the goals you have set in place for yourself? Do you want to work on finding your focus, and believe that you are capable of achieving your dreams? Deann Patterson, the author of Defy the Odds: Success Despite Your Circumstances, has written a book to assist you in finding that strength within you and pushing through those fears so you can create the life you have always dreamed of. 

In life, it is perfectly normal to make mistakes, and have some failures under your belt. But when you don’t move past those failures, and avoid seeing how you can learn from your mistakes, then you usually make the decision to give up instead of working out the kinks so you can be successful. Deann’s message is that failure does not define you, and in fact, it should be something that gives you strength and courage to succeed the next time around. You have what it takes to make your dreams a reality, but sometimes you just need a little assistance knowing how to get there and what steps to take. This is what Defy the Odds is all about. 

Deann shows you how you can turn every day into a perfect day, and explains how beneficial it can be for both your personal and professional life. When you strive to see the positive, you ignore what has been holding you back, and instead see what can keep pushing you forward to reach the goals you have made. This is a book to inspire, excite, and motivate you to be your most authentic self, and finally discover the path you were meant to be on all along. 

In a world where you are told far too often that you cannot succeed, it is time for you to let all that go, and start seeing the power that you hold within yourself. You can achieve anything, and it all starts with believing in your dreams to make them a reality. Read Deann Patterson’s book, Defy the Odds – Success Despite Your Circumstances and start defying the odds to find true happiness. A copy of her book can be purchased on Amazon at TBA.

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