Asks the Tough Question: What Are the Signs of Depression? Asks the Tough Question: What Are the Signs of Depression?

Depression can affect anyone at any age. Unfortunately, people do not always know the signs of depression, and this mental health concern can sneak up on people and leave them feeling overwhelmed. Recognizing the signs of depression is critical for mental health protection. Keep reading and click resources to learn more. 

What Are the Signs of Depression?

Depression is not just sadness, according to Many people do not realize the varied symptoms that can begin to occur with this mental health issue. Those who experience any of the following need to schedule an appointment with their doctor to determine the underlying cause. 

  • Having a hopeless outlook is one of the hallmark symptoms of depression. Hopelessness can be fleeting or become overwhelming.

  • A loss of interest in doing things they once loved can also be a sign of depression. When things that once brought joy no longer excite a person, they may need to evaluate their mental health. Depression as a marketing tool? When influencers get the mental health conversation wrong

  • Those with increased fatigue and issues with sleep may not realize they could be suffering from depression. Because fatigue can have many underlying causes, it is essential individuals see their doctor regarding any changes in energy levels. 

  • Changes in appetite and weight should not be dismissed. When people are dealing with depression, their weight can fluctuate often. Each person is different. Some people may experience increased appetite with depression, and some people may be unable to eat very much at all. 

  • Another symptom of depression is irritability in men. When men are depressed, they often become more irritable and exhibit risky behaviors. It is interesting to see how depression affects genders differently. 

  • Thoughts of suicide should never be ignored. Each year, thousands of people die from suicide, and these people often suffer from debilitating depression. If a person is suffering from suicidal thoughts, they need immediate medical care and may even need to contact 911 for assistance. 

How Is Depression Diagnosed?

Depression is diagnosed by talking with the patient about their symptoms. There is no blood test to test for depression, though depression can be a symptom of health issues that can be determined from bloodwork.  The Mighty urges people to read up on the symptoms of depression to protect themselves and their loved ones.

It is important individuals seek their doctors right away if people believe they are suffering from depression. Ignoring these symptoms will not make them go away and could put a person’s life in danger. 

Depression is Highly Treatable

There is a myriad of treatment options to help people suffering from depression. Getting to the root of the problem is essential. Depression knows no bounds and can affect people of all ages. Because the symptoms can mimic other conditions, people do not always realize they have depression right away. With the right treatment approach, they can begin to feel relief. 

Depression takes a concerted effort to overcome. Some people benefit from therapy alone, while others need to be on medications that improve their chemical imbalances. Ask a doctor today.

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